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how to help victims of natural disasters

Having been invited into so many homes over the years, we know they mean the world to people. Homes are sanctuaries, solace, memories and a place to relax and be with loved ones. Due to the disasters all around the country (and world) right now, our hearts are broken for the massive amounts of people who have lost their homes, family members, and more. Due to Irma, more than 80% of structures in the Virgin Islands were severely damaged or destroyed, and we know many of those were the homes of people who need help.

Between the fires here locally affecting those close to us, and a member of our family, Jenna Baker, being caught in Hurricane Harvey’s Texas destruction, we’re feeling these hits pretty close to home.

We’re always looking to help others when we can, and we know you are too. Millions of people are without homes, food, water or other necessities, so we compiled lists of resources where you can help.

If you know of any resources we don’t have listed, please comment with them so others can help!


How to help wildfire victims:



Oregon & Washington:



How to help hurricane & earthquake victims:

Houston relief:

Hurricane Irma relief:

Mexico earthquake relief:

Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria relief:

Puerto Rico & Mexico Hurricane Maria and earthquake relief:


From the Galaxy Draperies family to yours, thank you so much for helping those in need.

We always encourage you to investigate before giving to any group. Vox has a wonderful article with simple tips to help you know how to pick a charity, or you can use the Attorney General tool Check the Charity. Any texting donation methods of course would be subject to any fees that may apply. Listing of organizations in no way constitutes endorsement by Galaxy Draperies.

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