Decorative Drapery Hardware Explained

Decorative Drapery Hardware Explained

Decorative Window Covering Rods and HardwareAre your curved walls getting in the way of ordering custom curtains?

Do you get annoyed that your windows are way too close to the ceiling and are looking for a beautiful solution in your home?

The video below covers a few stunning decorative drapery hardware options from Forest Draperies. We provide examples of decorative hardware from many different manufacturers from Rowley Company to Xentric Drapery Hardware to use with your custom window treatments.

We’ll show you how to resolve many unique and complex hardware issues use some sexy drapery accessories. Read about finials, curtain rods, tie backs, and other hardware involved in creating an elegant window treatment.


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Decorative Drapery Hardware by Forest Draperies at IWCE

Forest Draperies line of decorative drapery hardware offers state-of-the-art drapery track systems from the Netherlands that offers remote controlled and other automated track systems. They offer a wide range of metal, wrought iron, and wood decorative hardware to place the finishing touches on your window treatments.

View the drapery hardware options that will allow you to beautifully cover all types of windows.

Drapery Hardware: Different Curtain Track Systems

At Galaxy Draperies we are here to make your windows treatments stylish and customized by offering countless motorized window treatments and home automation drapery options. Whether you have a curved wall that needs a drapery or you want to click a button on your cellphone to darken the room, we have your solution.


Curved Drapery Track for Rounded Windows and Walls


Are you worried that it will be a hassle to install an impressive drapery over your rounded windows? This is not a problem at all! Since not all walls are flat, we can easily use a curved drapery track to cover your windows with beautiful custom curtains and draperies.


Manually Operated System for Simplicity


Not tech savvy? Stick with what is guaranteed to work and makes you the most comfortable. The Manually Operated track system from Forest Drapery is simple, sleek, and easy to use. This is a great control option when working with a tight budget and has worked phenomenally for years.


Low Profile Ceiling Drapery Track for Low Ceilings/High Windows


You are no longer limited to only blinds and shades if your windows are extremely close to the ceiling. Low-profile ceiling tracks are perfect for windows that have very little clearance between them and the ceiling.

Blinds are great, but why not treat your family to a drapery that perfectly matches the color and pattern of your unique couch? Concerned that your hardware and brackets may stick out too much? Simply use Rowley Company hardware, it matches practically any wall paint color and blends in smoothly.


Ripple Fold Track for a Beautiful Effect When Opened


When expanded, your curtains lie flush and flat to the window to complementing a sleek and contemporary look in your home’s interior. Yet, when they are contracted they fold onto each other, adding that texture and luxurious look you’ve been looking to get out or your custom window treatments in Los Angeles.

Enjoy more of your view when your ripple fold draperies are open by holding them back with Xentric Drapery Hardware tiebacks.

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Decorative DRAPERY Hardware TYPES: SOLUTIONS TO Fit Your Style

There is more to decorative drapery hardware than just that track system on which they are controlled. Think of the track system as the support, while the following decorative hardware are the sexy, finishing embellishments. This is where you let your style take over the project and completely shine. Adding decorative drapery hardware is the cherry on top to your custom drapery sundae.

decorative drapery rods

Decorative Curtain Rods

Available in a variety of finishes, polishes, irons or woods, curtain rods define the look of your window treatments. You may start your design process with the fabric, but curtain rods compliment the fabrics you carefully selected. Design your window treatments with the curtain rods in mind.



Decorative Finials

Finials are the various shaped pieces on the end of curtain rods. They finish out the design and create a well-rounded, complete look. You can get contemporary, traditional, rustic, or even custom-made finials to match your elegant draperies. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors.


Decorative Tiebacks

When you think of curtains, do you ever think about whether you want them drawn back or want them framing the window? With tiebacks, you have the ability to do both! When you want to draw your custom draperies back to look at your gorgeous view, tiebacks hold your curtains back for a luxurious look. There are multiple different style options depending on your interior design needs.


Decorative Curtain Rings

Curtain rings are a decorative drapery hardware that do not need much explanation, but they shouldn’t be neglected. These sweet little beauties hold your gorgeous custom curtains up like the work of art they are. Carefully selecting their shape, color, and material will truly make the difference in custom curtains. Give curtain rings the attention they deserve and you’ll be more than ecstatic with your selection.


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