Modern Electric Blinds

Modern Electric Blinds

Why Choose Modern Electric Blinds?

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If you’re looking for sleek window treatments that offer the ultimate convenience and ease of use, consider modern electric blinds. These blinds do away with cords in favor of an automated lifting option that provides numerous benefits, including improved energy efficiency and the ability to control blinds on windows that are hard to reach. Let us walk you through the many benefits of these high-tech window treatments.

Keeping Your Home Safe

In addition to their elegant, tidy appearance, modern electric blinds enhance the safety of your home. Manual blinds are operated by cords, which can pose a danger to children and pets—by eliminating these cords, you also eliminate the associated risk. Additionally, they offer enhanced privacy with programmable settings that adjust your blinds automatically when you’re away from home.

An Energy-Efficient Option

You can set motorized blinds to open at certain times of day, and you can also program them to close when the sun tends to shine into your home the most. With this feature, you can maximize energy efficiency and reduce stress on your HVAC system—even when you’re not at home. This is especially convenient for hard-to-reach windows that you might otherwise not be able to adjust daily.

Different Styles and Sizes

There are numerous style choices for automated window treatments, such as vertical blinds, aluminum blinds, vinyl blinds, or electric Roman blinds. Additionally, various sizes of blinds can be motorized, including small, medium, and large electric blinds.

Learn More From Galaxy Draperies

Want to partner with a skilled window treatment company for your new blinds or shutters? Contact Galaxy Draperies. Our team is highly skilled at installing modern electric blinds, and we carry automated window treatments from reputable manufacturers Lutron and Somfy. We’d love to tell you more about our services and provide you with a consultation. Reach out today.



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