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SunSetter awnings have been America’s #1 shade provider for over 30 years, and we’ve installed hundreds across SoCal for homes, businesses, even schools. Our CEO even has two SunSetter awnings on his home!

SunSetter authorized dealer

Being a dealer means we have the full line of SunSetter products – including dealer exclusives you can’t get anywhere else.

We’re authorized and licensed in California to install awnings, and we’ll serve as your contact for any needs that arise. Even warranty issues!

SunSetter trusts us, and we trust SunSetter awnings, shades, and screens for your Los Angeles home!

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SunSetter Awnings – Instant Shade for Your Home

With attached or free-standing awnings, you can cover your sliding glass doors to save money on cooling energy or provide shade out in the grass next to the pool. Easy to open and close with manual or motorized options!

  • Sturdy aluminum frames are lightweight but strong, and thanks to their baked-on enamel finish, they never need to be repainted.
  • From economical to premium fabrics, all materials are made for the outdoors, warrantied, and come in modern stripes and solids.
  • 99% of the awnings we sell are motorized because pushing a button on a remote or asking Alexa to create instant shade makes life simple.
  • Optional retractable drop screens keep our light wind, mist, bugs and provide extra UV protection.

Achieve temperatures that feel up to 20 degrees lower than the surrounding areas wherever you need it most with an awning!

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EasyShades – Your Exterior Solar Shade

Solar shades designed for use outdoors has been a game-changer for many of our Los Angeles-area clients.

You can block heat and glare before they even enter your home, unlike cellular shades or other insulating window treatments that only capture it once it’s indoors. This can reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills by preventing your A/C from working more than it needs to. Solar shades also block harmful UV rays that damage your exterior furniture or interior over time!

Have a high window that needs covering? Opt for solar-powered shades that even work on cloudy days!

EasyShades can be installed up against the wall of your home, or by hanging down from your deck’s ceiling, or even attached to a pergola.

Block the heat, not the view with EasyShades!

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EasyScreens: A New System from SunSetter

Gain ultimate control of your outdoor space with EasyScreens from SunSetter. From simple mesh screens to upscale textured colors, you can create a perfect outdoor room free from insects and 99% of harmful UV rays. It truly makes your patio seating feel like another room of your home!

Two distinct options are both easy to operate, open or close in seconds, and can be customized for any space:

  • Zipper Track – zip up your patio for a bug-proof seal & enjoy the fresh air!
  • Cable-Guided – if you don’t want to zip the area closed or logistically can’t, cables ensure screens don’t flap in the wind but still provide benefits.


Create a bug-free, shaded & relaxing outdoor space.

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Motorization for awnings & easyshades exterior solar shades

Somfy Motorization Experts Our team is highly trained and stay up-to-date on the most modern home automation technology Somfy has to offer. We’re certified as a Somfy Expert.

Imagine coming home from a long day’s work to a patio that’s already cooled so you can simply walk out, sit down with a cold beverage and relax. Whether you’re a SmartHome lover, someone who has mobility concerns, or simply a busy person who would likes making life easier anywhere you can, motorization adds to much benefit to day-to-day lives.

Open and close with the touch of a button. Program solar shades or awnings to block sun from hitting windows during the hottest parts of the day to prevent heat from getting in and driving up your cooling bills. If you travel often, adjust shades and awnings while you’re away is a modern and smart way to really make it look like you’re home. Simple!

Simplify your life with motorization so easy anyone can use it.

Work with Your Southern California Local Authorized SunSetter Dealer

  • Knowledgeable Experts – Unlike a general contractor, we focus on just our specialties which allows our years of experience to really shine if any unique concerns arise. Our internal installation team includes our specialty Awning Crew who may install 15 or more awnings per week. They know every part of SunSetter products inside and out.
  • Exclusive Benefits & Designs – As SunSetter dealers, we have the widest selection of options available. Whether unique aluminum frame colors or modern fabric styles, you get the full line of options when you work with us.
  • Warranty Support In Your Neighborhood – If you ever run into any issues, we’re here to help. We service your SunSetter products’ warranties for you, including handling ordering replacements, reprogramming motorization, and more.

As SunSetter dealers, you know you’re in the hands of local experts. As a third-generation family business in LA, you know you’re working with caring people who are also your neighbors and a part of your community.

All the benefits of SunSetter with the knowledge & support of a local family business.

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