Top and Bottom Opening Blinds

Top and Bottom Opening Blinds

Top-and-Bottom-Opening Blinds Offer Flexibility and Functionality

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Blinds that open from the top and bottom (also known as bidirectional blinds) are excellent solutions for homeowners who want more control over their privacy and the amount of light that enters their spaces. These adaptable blinds can be raised from the bottom, lowered from the top, or adjusted to meet in the middle. When it comes to discretion, light control, and style, top-and-bottom-opening blinds are a fantastic choice.

Best Rooms for Bidirectional Blinds

Consider the rooms in your home that require privacy and light control. Do your living room windows let too much sunlight in and create glare on your TV screen? Bidirectional blinds can allow sunlight to enter while blocking the light creating glare and preserving your privacy. Top-and-bottom-opening blinds are also perfect for rooms that need light and must remain private, such as bathrooms and ground-level rooms.

Your style options won’t be limited with top-and-bottom-opening blinds. Bidirectional blinds come in various styles, including:

  • Roman
  • Cellular
  • Blackout

Additionally, these window treatments come in myriad colors to suit your taste and complement your home’s interior design.

Top-Down, Bottom-Up Motorized Shades

While top-and-bottom shades and blinds are usually lowered and raised with a pull cord, cordless loop, or liftable plastic sash, they can also be motorized if you want to avoid manual operation. Motorization allows you to control these window treatments remotely—you won’t even have to leave the couch to raise and lower your top-and-bottom-opening blinds. Many manufacturers offer high-quality, gorgeous blinds that suit numerous functional and aesthetic needs.

Let Galaxy Draperies Help

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