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11 Reasons to Choose Motorized Blinds, Shades, or Curtains

Remember back in the day when we had to get up to change the channel on the TV? These days we couldn’t imagine forgoing all remote controls and going back to the old way. Motorized window coverings are no different. Learn the many, many benefits to adding motorized shades, blinds, or drapery to your home!

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Why Custom Window Coverings Are Better Than DIY

Choosing a window treatment that is the perfect style, perfect fit, perfect functionality, and the ideal solution for your goals and your lifestyle is more complicated than people think. While many people are perfectly happy with box store selections, there’s a lot that could be missed when making this decision without expert help.

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Why We Love Cellular Shades for Skylights

Skylights are a beautiful architectural feature with many benefits, such as adding light to areas that can’t have traditional windows. Their downsides include unwanted heat and cold, light, and even more harmful UV rays. If you have a skylight, read on to see why our clients prefer cellular shades to cover their skylights (and how you can operate a window covering you can’t reach).

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Why You Really Need an Awning

Here in Los Angeles, we get to enjoy plenty of sunlight, but sometimes we need a reprieve from the heat and direct sunlight. We think if people understood all the benefits of awnings, everyone would want one! Learn about all the benefits of having an awning on your home.

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The Science of Nature in Design

Water features, plants, sunlight, wood – all are proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and make a space just plain better. Learn the science behind nature in design and how to incorporate it into your home’s design.

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