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The Science of Nature in Design

Water features, plants, sunlight, wood – all are proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and make a space just plain better. Learn the science behind nature in design and how to incorporate it into your home’s design.

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Beautiful Treatment Options for Arched Windows

Arched windows are a beautiful architectural element that you’re lucky if you have in your home. However, covering them poses a unique challenge. Here we cover different covering options perfect for arches, and their unique pros and cons so you can be better informed when choosing a window covering solution for your home.

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Most Popular Window Coverings over the Decades

Popular style comes and goes, and window coverings are no exception! From the 1960s through today, see some of the most popular trending interior design elements and window coverings throughout the decades. Let’s vow to never carpet bathrooms ever again.

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How Texture Impacts Emotion in Interior Design

Texture plays a large role in how our brains perceive our surroundings, and how they make us feel. We can use knowledge of texture’s emotional influence to intentionally create feelings of comfort, warmth, relaxation and more. Learn how texture plays a role in interior design to make your space even more inviting!

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Decorate for the Holidays without Damage

We all love holiday decorations, but not the holes they can leave in once they’re taken down. We’ve gathered together a great guide to putting up a wide variety of decorations without causing damage (and some safety tips for people with small children and pets).

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