Natural Shades – Our Top Choice for Rustic or Coastal Styles

Natural Shades – Our Top Choice for Rustic or Coastal Styles

If you’re into rustic or coastal styles, our top choice is natural shades for your home’s windows or doors. They’re also often called “woven wood” shades, by the way. Whether you’re looking to add some real rustic materials, a classy coastal look, add natural texture and an earthy aesthetic, or if you’re looking for eco-conscious solutions, you’re in the right place!

Let’s take a look at Graber Tradewinds® Natural Shades!


What are natural woven shades made from?

Natural shades are handwoven from sustainable jute, grasses, reeds, or bamboo. The beauty of natural materials that are handwoven is they come with nature’s style choice – variation! No two are 100% identical because no single reed or blade of grass is either. Unique patterns of mineral marks, knotting, variations, nodes, and more make them truly elevated in design. Perfect imperfections add plenty of visual interest!

But don’t let that fool you – whether you like the look of the materials or want something more fabric-like, natural shades can meet either. We have a wider selection of materials than ever before too! Simple fabric-looks, open weaves that let you see more texture, braided — even metallic accents that mimic actual fabric and more!

Feel free to click on any of these images to see the full-sized version. The textures are truly beautiful!



What kind of options do natural shades have for customization?

Oooh, tons! Not only do you have a huge variety of materials to choose from, but so many style choices as well!

You can add a privacy or room darkening liner to the back, for one. Some people prefer it simply because it greats a clean backdrop for the more natural weaves. It also looks great from the street side! (Not to mention some HOAs require it.) You can see in the last photo above how no liner allows light to come through and show the real texture of the shade. Since texture is important in design, especially in rustic styles, you may want to leave that more visible, but it’s up to you!

Additionally, you can create lots of different styles with the shade’s material. Think of them like Roman shades. Whether you like a more streamlined shade, or want to add in some beautiful folds, curves, or even valances over the top, you’re going to get a perfect look for a rustic, earthy, or even beach style.



loving the look of natural window shades?

They’re a favorite of ours as well. Give us a call, hop into our chat, or fill out a form here on our site if you want to set up a free in-home consultation. We’ll bring our samples so you can see the huge variety of gorgeous, eco-friendly materials available!




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