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Block Heat from Windows without Interior Shades

The best way to prevent your home from heating up from direct sunlight? Block heat from windows before it gets inside! If you don’t want to add interior window coverings, check out these options for keeping the summer sun and heat outdoors where it belongs.

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Increase Security & Lower Bills While You Travel

How would you feel knowing you could increase security and lower bills while you travel away from home? Now that it’s summer, many of us travel for fun, or maybe your work puts you on the go more often than not. We know basic tips for home security while we’re gone, like having someone pick up your mail, or using

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Accessibility & Window Coverings

While aging can come with many benefits, it’s no secret it can come with some challenges too, especially in terms of mobility or grasp control. Thankfully, it’s simple to create window covering solutions that age with you with ease. See our suggestions for smart choices for your home to ensure they age gracefully with you.

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