Retractable Awnings On Our SoCal Client Homes

Retractable Awnings On Our SoCal Client Homes

Though in sunny LA we get beautiful weather practically year-round, in the summer months retractable awnings are truly a must if you want to spend any time outside when the sun’s up. If you’re fortunate enough to have a covered patio, the sun still sometimes sits at an angle where you can’t enjoy the evening views without roasting. If you have pets, sometimes their little paws also can’t take the heat of the surfaces they walk on either.

That’s where retractable awnings really shine!

this retractable awning covers a seating area when extended

Photo: Clients Ulrich and Ann of Simi Valley, retractable SunSetter awning with help of design consultant Tony

Make a larger outdoor room

Like our clients Ulrich and Ann, many people have some outdoor shade but it’s truly not enough for their outdoor living area to be comfortable. As you can see in the photo, this SunSetter awning extends out over their additional seating area to provide a much larger area of full coverage. Since the fabrics provide upwards of 98% UV protection, it really does function much like a roof.

If you have an optional wind sensor on a motorized awning, you don’t even have to worry about the awning if wind picks up – it will retract automatically!


a retractable sunsetter awning provides evening shade when the sun hits the patio

Photo: Client Gagik of Glendale, retractable SunSetter awning with help of design consultant Elvis

Extend your outdoor time with a retractable awning

Beautiful views come with many the property here in Southern California. Our client Gagik called us and worked with design consultant Elvis to add an awning to his patio. He wanted to be able to appreciate his view of downtown LA without roasting in the sun outside of the high noon hours. This solution lets Gagik extend his awning when the sun shifts and ruins his comfortable patio space. Since our roof can’t move during the day, this shade extension is a perfect solution.

One great benefit of SunSetter awnings is the temperatures underneath can be lowered by up to 20 degrees! Now THAT’S cool.


sunsetter awning above a patio with glass doors provides shade to the seating area and walls

Photo: Client Cynthia of Huntington Beach, retractable SunSetter awning

Prevent heat from entering your home

With large windows and glass doors, we get gorgeous views. But often we also get tons of unwanted heat entering our homes. The Department of Energy states that about 76% of sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters our homes as heat. To make matters worse, that means an increase in your cooling bills to combat the additional and unwanted warmth!

By adding an awning to provide shade not only to her patio area, but to the large glass doors and windows, Cynthia easily lowers her energy bills. It’s an easy solution that doesn’t block her view from inside.


rooftop freestanding retractable awning

Photo: Client of Newport Beach, retractable freestanding SunSetter awning

Add shade where you need it most

While the majority of retractable awnings our clients want are attached to buildings, that’s not always the case! Two sizes of retractable freestanding awnings provide the ability to add shade just about anywhere you need it. This Newport Beach client of ours wanted shade on their rooftop entertaining area. Awnings to the rescue! Here you can see how little space the awning takes up when fully retracted and wrapped in a protective cover.


Photo: Client Stacey of Sherman Oaks, retractable SunSetter awnings with dimmable LEDs with the help of designer Matt

Provide evening ambiance

Beside the daytime benefits, there’s additional fun to be had with your awning in the evenings! Stacey shared this wonderful photo with us of her family and friends enjoying a fun evening in her backyard. With the dimmable LEDs attached to Stacey’s awnings, they provided plenty of light. If you’re aiming for a more romantic or cozy atmosphere, you can dim the lights with the same mobile app or remote control you retract and open the awning with.


The versatility of retractable awnings

We hope this glimpse at some of our clients’ awnings has shown some of the great uses beyond simply adding shade! Not that shade is anything to sneeze at, of course. If you’re looking to add one to your home, simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!



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