Top-Down Bottom-Up Window Shades – Our Top Choice in Versatility

Top-Down Bottom-Up Window Shades – Our Top Choice in Versatility

Versatility abounds with top-down bottom-up window shades. If you aren’t familiar with this style, we’re excited to introduce you to them! These unique shades allow high levels of control over both your privacy and light from the outdoors. Let’s take a look and you can decide if this great option would be perfect for your home.

What are top-up bottom-down shades?

Simply put, they’re exactly what they sound like!

Top-down bottom-up shades can be raised from the bottom like any standard window shade, but they can also be lowered from the top! Or, you can use a combination of both and have light from the top and bottom of your window with the shade positioned anywhere in the middle.

Image is of a Hidden Hills client’s home via Matt_Galaxy_Draperies on Instagram

Why would I want top-down bottom-up shades on my windows?

Privacy with amazing light control. It’s as simple as that! It’s why it’s our top choice for versatility.

As you can see in the example above from one of our client’s homes, they’re wonderful options for somewhere like a bathroom, walk-in closet, bedroom, or other locations where you want privacy but still want to let in plenty of natural light! If you have windows above a bathtub, with most options you’d either have to choose between privacy or natural light. With top-down bottom-up shades, you don’t have to! Simply lower the top to let in the sun, but leave the bottom covered so you stay covered from outside views.

Image is of a Los Angeles client’s home. See more on our Instagram! 

Other situations in which this solution is ideal include something like keeping glare off your television or computer screens! You can enjoy the glow of sunset without being unable to see your screen by blocking light only where it’s causing problems. No all-or-nothing choices with these great shades!

It’s also a great way to prevent sun damage to your skin or other important elements in your home. Block those UV rays by adjusting exactly where light hits and where it doesn’t throughout the day, without having to sacrifice light entirely.

What window coverings can lower from the top and raise from the bottom?

Top-Down Bottom-Up Natural Shades

Our natural shades, often called “woven wood”, are made from sustainable materials like jute, reeds, and grasses. They’re perfect for natural aesthetics and add gorgeous texture to any space. Natural shades, or woven shades, have been growing in popularity with good reason.

Many of our natural shades come with a matching top valance, or you can create your own unique style. We even have valance shapes for the bottom hem available for an extra pop of style!

Top-Down Bottom-Up Roman Shades

Roman shades are already a timeless classic with so many beautiful fabric and customization options. Add the ability to lower it from the top or bottom, combined with a valance like in this photo and you have truly custom style with privacy and light control that can’t be beat.

If temperature, humidity, or other factors are an issue, roman shades can also be customized with a variety of high-quality liners. This results in even more control with a gorgeous end result.

Top-Down Bottom-Up Cellular & Pleated Shades

Cellular shades, commonly known as “Honeycomb Blinds”, and pleated shades can also be made into top-down bottom-up styles. However they take it a step further! They can open like any other top-down bottom-up shade.

You also have the option of layering two different cellular shade fabrics, or combining one pleated and one cellular shade like the above. As a result, you can cover the window fully with either section, or have them divided like you can see above. This allows blackout and sheer for perfect looks no matter what time of day.

Want to add top-down bottom-up window shades to your home?

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