5 Reasons a Reputable Window Covering Company Matters

5 Reasons a Reputable Window Covering Company Matters

When it comes to choosing custom window coverings, choosing a reputable window covering company matters more than you may think. Window treatments like blinds, shades, shutters, or draperies (we don’t say curtains here!) can change so much about the look and feel of any room. Custom options offer the perfect solution for not only getting the look you want, but also solving issues like glare, temperature issues, privacy, and even possibly lowering your bills. While many companies exist that offer custom solutions, it’s important to choose someone reputable to make sure you get the best value for your investment. A reputable company offers options you can’t get off-the-shelf, and also can give you peace of mind.

Let’s explore the 5 big reasons why choosing a reputable window covering company matters.

Reputable businesses will show you samples of the window coverings in your home

1: Quality & Expertise in Your Window Covering Selection

Choosing the right product the first time

When you choose a company to create custom window coverings, it’s important to find one that’s been in business for awhile. Like with many careers, there are things people can only learn through time and experience. Window coverings are no exception. There are many details to be considered when creating a custom window treatment, like knowing how to handle unique requests, window shapes, or other considerations. For example, if your kitchen blinds need to narrow where the tile starts, what would you do? They’ve already considered this and know the solution before you’ve thought of the problem!

Experienced businesses know how to be creative with the products they have been working with for years. They know what to look for and how to solve it before any of us average homeowners would stop to even think of the issue! Because they know the products they sell, they also know how to make sure they will last. Different materials, stains, fabrics, or finishes might look beautiful, but could warp, crack, peel, shrink, or wrinkle if you put them in a laundry room with high-humidity. Some pretty fabrics caend up looking awful if you tried to force them to pleat in a way they’re not made to.

Any company who has been doing this for years is going to select a manufacturer they trust. After all, poor quality reflects on them as a company. They’re likely to have built a good relationship over years that creates a seamless process to create amazing end results. A new company may pick a manufacturer based on factors like how much of a profit they make, or who they’re simply familiar with. They may also import overseas products because they’re cheap – but they don’t know how much that costs them long-term when customers are unhappy, things get lost regularly, or the quality is poor.

2: Customization & Personalization of your Window Coverings

Attention to detail

If you’ve ever tried to purchase DIY window coverings, you know there are a lot of options out there. From sheer to blackout, mounting inside or outside a window frame, and more. The choices truly are endless. A reputable custom window treatment company is going to be able to listen to you talk about the issues you face and know immediately what solutions may fit your needs. In addition, they can look around your home, get a feel for your style, and know what materials you may love the most too. This creates a fun and easy process designing your shades, shutters, blinds, or draperies!

Many experienced design consultants have taken some interior design training as well. They can help you make your living room look more cozy. Your dining room more formal. Your bedroom more intimate. All while helping solve your practical issues like preventing glare on your TV, reducing the sun from heating your dining room, or preventing light from ruining your sleep. Not to mention, knowing which materials will accomplish this best and last the longest in each of those rooms. If you have young children, they’re going to consider how easy they are to clean, and make sure they’re safe from dangerous cord loops. In homes with pets, there are also many things to take into account when choosing new window coverings. To bring in some color, the design consultant will know what colors look great – and which would be a poor choice (and why).

An experienced and reputable window covering company thinks of all these things from the get-go. A newer company simply can’t know what they don’t know, and may not even be aware of all the considerations that need to go into place even before pulling out the very first fabric sample for you to look over. We’ve seen plenty go for the same product over and over, in the same color, because they make “safe” choices. While that may work, it doesn’t really result in the truly custom, skilled end result that you deserve. You want the absolute best choice – not just the safe and acceptable choice.


An installer from a window covering company tests shutters

3: Long-term Performance & Durability

Reputable, Professional, in-house installers

Let’s be honest – custom window coverings for your home are an investment. Like any investment, it’s important to get a good return. The ROI (return on investment) with window coverings determines how soon you’ll need to replace them. Much like a new washer and dryer, you don’t want to shop for a replacement only 2 or 3 years later. We’ve replaced many the cheaper solution because they simply fell apart or ended up looking awful in far too short of a time.

A reputable company is going to make sure that you have quality products from the get-go, chosen carefully to match your lifestyle and the room they’re in. When they pick the right materials for your humid bathroom, you won’t see molding, mildew, warping, or peeling because they’ll educate you on what materials will work – and what won’t. And why! We all like getting the ‘why’, and an experienced company should always provide it.

Additionally, you need to know that the installation itself is done right. A poor installation can damage your walls, window frames, or even void the manufacturer’s warranty. Many companies contract out their installations to external contractors. Hopefully they make sure they’re licensed and bonded independently.

If a third-party contracted installer gets hurt and they aren’t bonded, it’s your home owner’s insurance that’s left footing the bill for their injuries.

From what we’ve heard from our customers, if something goes wrong with the installation, companies often pass the buck off onto the contractor. The last thing you need is people arguing over who is responsible for fixing your problem!

Also often the contractors are used to general handiwork. If they don’t focus solely on window coverings, they’re missing experience needed to know the ins and outs of the industry. They also will not know the exact products, leaving them to read the instructions every time. If troubleshooting is needed, they may suggest you call the manufacturer or the seller. If you ordered a motorized product, what’s the likelihood a third-party contractor is going to know how to program it or sync it to your router and existing SmartHome system? Pretty slim, most likely.

Some manufacturers’ own warranties require you to have someone experienced in their unique product, approved by them, to qualify for the full warranty benefits.

When you choose a company with an in-house installation team, these problems simply don’t exist. The company itself knows they’re responsible for the installation. The installers know not only the products, but even the exact manufacturer’s unique details since it’s what they do every single day. Our own installers attend regular training directly from the manufacturer on everything from how to install a brand new style of hardware, to keeping up with the SmartHome technology so they can program it and even better – teach you how to use it. The company itself is also going to make sure each installer has a license, because they have to legally. The company’s own insurance covers their installers. They’re going to be trained in how to do everything safely and perfectly the first time. And you know they’re covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s kind of like having a nurse do a blood draw when they may do one every few months, or a phlebotomist who does 40 every day. When someone makes a specific task their area of expertise, they will always be better and faster at it than someone who only does it occasionally.

4: Professionalism & Customer Service

Quality support & communication

One big benefit of a reputable window covering company we often don’t consider is what the experience is like while our product is being made. After all, custom design does take time to be manufactured, since it’s designed uniquely for your home! From the time you call to schedule your consultation, through manufacturing, and even after installation is completed, a reputable company will prioritize your entire experience and make sure you’re completely happy throughout the entire process.

I think we can all relate to companies who are very excited to work with you and communicate a lot up until you’ve paid them – and then they disappear. If you have questions or a problem, suddenly their friendliness and urgency to reply shifts to being passed around, getting told you’re out of luck, or simply not hearing back.

At Galaxy Draperies and other reputable companies, customer service is just as important as the design, product, and installation. Our scheduling team is trained regularly in customer service techniques and skills, and we’re often perfecting processes to make things easier. We’ve added texting as an option because we know busy people often can’t call during the workday, for example!

After someone has created a design during their free in-home consultation, every customer is assigned a Project Assistant. This becomes your go-to person for any questions at any point. They work directly with only a select number of design consultants too. This way they form good relationships to know how that consultant works, and they meet regularly to discuss all their ongoing projects. This also means if you call your dedicated Project Assistant, they know who you are, who your designer is, and what you ordered. And they keep you up-to-date on the progress of manufacturing your new window covering! Once it’s installed, they get in touch with you to make sure you’re happy with everything. It may have looked great when the installer left, but until you’re alone and can operate it a few times, you may not notice if there’s something wrong.

Making sure you can always reach someone friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable makes working with a reputable company definitely a better experience all around.


customer service representative at a window covering company smiling while on the phone

5: Long-term Accountability & Warranty Support

Trust in your investment paying off

After everything is said and done, there’s still one more element of quality service that really matters: what happens years down the road?

When you’re choosing a reputable window covering company, you trust your new design has been well-designed for your home and your purposes. It’s installed by a professional who is licensed and bonded. You know how it works because they taught you. You know how to clean it correctly and according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

But if something goes wrong, what then?

Reputable companies offer their own warranties and guarantees on top of the manufacturer’s warranty.  We provide our own warranty on our workmanship – that is, the installation – in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. We already covered how the buck often gets passed when third-party contractors do the installation. Here, we hold ourselves accountable for it. If we made a mistake, we’ll fix it. Plus our installers definitely qualify as the professionals that our manufacturers require for the full warranty benefits.

Trustworthy, experienced companies also know the manufacturer’s warranty inside-and-out. Even if it’s 10 years down the road, a reputable company will be there to help. A new, small business may not have the knowledge or ability to be able to know what long-term issues may even arise, much less how to handle them (if they’re around in 10 years, that is). Many tell you to call the manufacturer yourself to handle any issues.

Galaxy Draperies and other reputable companies handle that for you. We call the manufacturer and determine what fix or replacement is needed, and our trusted installers execute that solution. With so much experience, we know what problems may be able to be fixed, and what will likely require a replacement. It prevents a lot of back-and-forth with you and the manufacturer when we already know what the most likely solution will be for your issue.


Now you understand why choosing a reputable window covering company matters

When you work with a reputable window treatment company, you get benefits that DIY options or other companies simply can’t match. From expert guidance during your selection and quality products to experienced installation and long-term support, a quality business helps you achieve a result you know you can trust.

Whether you’re looking to improve privacy, control light or temperature, or add a specific feel to a space, the best choice is to work with a company who has plenty of experience, has been around in your area for quite awhile, and has a track record of happy customers. By taking the time to find a reputable company for your home’s window coverings, you know you’re getting the best value for your investment and can relax and enjoy the many benefits of your window coverings for years to come.

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