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Selling Sunset: Jason Oppenheim Opts for Automation

The LA Market is hot, and real estate agent and attorney Jason Oppenheim wanted to update his own home. Designer Jgoiey Ramirez brought us in on this complete teardown and remodel of Jason’s own luxury home. Keep an eye out of this stunning home on Netflix’s series Selling Sunset, featuring Jason and The Oppenheim Group.

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Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer and Reduce Your Bills

Summer is upon us, and with it comes the heat, and with heat comes higher cooling bills for your home. Fortunately, instead of just running the air conditioning at full blast, we gathered some of the best tips for keeping your home cool to get you through the summer (and even save you some cash). 1. Run your heat-producing appliances

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Galaxy Project Highlight: LA Victorian Revival

This Victorian revival located north of Los Angeles was a true project of inspiration for our designer Cynthia.   Working with clients who have a business that is operated from their gorgeous home requires each room to be their dream. They made sure each individual room was a space they love and enjoy spending their time in with their lovely new

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Floor Length Window Treatment Ideas: Living Rooms

Floor length window options are as wide and varied as individual home styles and windows, as well as the rooms we find them in. Take a look at three different treatment ideas, and how they help contribute to the ambiance and mood of the rooms with floor to ceiling windows.

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