Floor Length Window Treatment Ideas: Living Rooms

Floor Length Window Treatment Ideas: Living Rooms

Floor Length Window Treatment Ideas: Living Rooms

Depending on your home’s design, floor-to-ceiling windows can sometimes be as challenging as they are beautiful. You want a window treatment that not only can filter or block light, but will compliment instead of cover up the expansive views that come with having your coveted window walls.

Floor-length options are as wide and varied as individual home styles and windows, as well as the rooms we find them in. Living rooms can be especially critical to your home’s overall design and appearance as it’s often the main, or even only room guests and visitors will see.

Take a look at three different living room window treatment ideas, and how they help contribute to the ambiance and mood of the rooms with floor to ceiling windows.

Floor-Length Wooden Blinds for Large Windows

Wooden horizontal blinds are not only durable and stylish; they can add a warmth and elegance to fit any living room style to provide a classic and timeless look for your home. Blinds are not only wonderful for blocking out light – they’re great for filtering the amount of light allowed into a room as well as controlling its direction. Directing light isn’t just about avoiding glare on a screen or in your face – your furniture, art, rugs and more can benefit as well. You can protect your investments from fade and wear by avoiding direct sunlight exposure.

Window Sheers for Floor-Length Windows

Floor-length sheers are perfect for adding a light and airy feel that can easily blend with different themes as part of the backdrop. Sheers can be used on their own to unify a space, add tranquility, or even as a base background for curtains and drapes using soft tones or bold colors depending on your style. Color blocking and fabric weight layering allows for endless combinations of light and privacy control in your hands. Sheers also serve as a great curtain to transition between indoor and outdoor space. And depending on your curtain rod choice, your window hardware can blend into the space or serve as an accent.

Roller Shades for Filtering Light

Simple, yet versatile, light-filtering roller shades come in an enormous variety of colors, patterns and materials. Light filtering opacities can add a sophisticated look and feel to your living room while blocking out extreme light, glare, and UV rays. They also help work to reduce heat transmittance while still allowing you to take your outdoor views.

If you have large windows and want to speak to one of our designers to get an expert opinion into the ideal solutions for your space, design style and lifestyle, get in touch! We come to your home so we can see your style in person, your unique home, and help you design the window treatments of your dreams.


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