Why You Really Need an Awning

Why You Really Need an Awning

Our climate here in Los Angeles is beautiful, sunny, and warm. In fact, we classify our climate as a “Mediterranean climate“, which few states can claim! As such, we get plenty of sunny days and outdoor time. Plus, lots and lots of vitamin D! However, with that sun comes a downside – more sun exposure raises our risks of skin cancer. It also makes our cooling bills more expensive than many other places. Fortunately, that’s where outside awnings come into play! They do more than provide shade, and we’re convinced everyone should have an awning on their home (our CEO Rick has one he and CFO Diane love it!).

So why do I NEED an awning?


Awnings lower your energy usage & bills.

According to the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association’s study of homes in 50 cities, you can save as much as $200 or more annually in energy bills. How? Because shading windows and glass doors prevents heat from entering your home. That cost savings comes out to a reduction of more than 25% compared to homes with unshaded windows. In fact, that solar radiation through glass (even double-paned) is responsible for about 20% of our air conditioner’s workload.

Of course, it matters which direction your windows/doors face. The heat gain reduction for west-facing windows is 77%. For south-facing, it’s 65%. That’s a lot of heat blocked from your home no matter which way they face! Giving your air conditioner a break by merely blocking heat from entering in the first place and saving money is a win-win.

In fact, the use of awnings to reduce air-conditioning use is widely popular in Europe, and we’re excited to see the trend growing here as well.

The study, Awnings in Residential Buildings: The Impact on Energy Use and Peak Demand, also pointed out another benefit:

“When numerous homeowners reduce their need for energy, there is less demand for energy at the times of peak usage, resulting in overall savings to utility companies and the public from a decreased need to supply generating capacity.”

Reducing our energy demands helps reduce our carbon footprint. So not only do you save money and stay cool, but you’re doing something positive for the planet too!


Awnings make your outdoor space just plain better.

Did you know a SunSetter awning can reduce the temperature underneath by up to 20 degrees? That’s a massive difference! Especially here in LA. Glaring sun, hot temps, move over! It’s time to grill! You and your guests (and even your pets) will be much happier enjoying a backyard barbeque in cool shade. You also can add beautiful LED lights to the awning! That adds beautiful evening ambiance without needing additional lights.

Awnings protect your skin & health.

Not only will you be more comfortable, but frankly, you’ll be safer. While we’ve dedicated an entire article to reducing skin cancer risks, it’s important to mention here too. Protecting your skin is a big deal. SunSetter awnings block 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. You and your guests will thank you for not needing aloe to soothe burns after hanging out at your place for the afternoon.

By blocking UV rays, it also means the wear and tear from sun exposure on your patio furniture will be reduced! Protect those investments and make them last longer.

You can also motorize your awning!

The reason motorization matters? Hit a button inside your house. Use your Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Use your phone or tablet, and simply open the awning from there. That way, by the time your guests arrive and you head outside, it’s already cool. Depending on your tech, you can even set schedules so your awning extends before you’re headed home from work. That way, you can take a nice cool glass of your favorite drink outside as soon as you get there, without needing to protect your skin from hot furniture.

Additionally though, you can close the awning the same way. If the wind picks up, a sensor can also retract your awning for you.


Awnings don’t have to be attached to your house.

We need shade poolside too, don’t we? Free-standing awnings have the same cooling benefits, but give you the flexibility to transport that shade where you need it most. Now THAT’S cool (sorry, sorry).

Of course this doesn’t just mean poolside. Rooftop patio? Check. Kid’s water table area? Check. Your plant repotting area? Check!

Add shade and reduce the temperatures wherever you need it. The simple manual crank operation on these awnings takes little effort, so it’s a great way to make any area of your yard more comfortable.



We’ll measure & install for you.

As you can see, awnings are no small thing. Let us do the heavy lifting (figuratively and literally), and we’ll get your home cool and shaded before summer! Fill out the form below to request your free design consultation and we’ll send someone out to show you what an awning can do for your home.



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