5 Linen Drapery Ideas for your Home

5 Linen Drapery Ideas for your Home

Linen curtains and drapes are a fantastic way to dress your windows. The versatility of a linen fabric allows it to be a perfect choice for your home throughout the entire year. The light aesthetic of linens makes linen draperies especially fitting for the warmer months of the year. Because we love customizing each and every look to fit an individual’s interior design style, we decided to put together a gallery of linen draperies as a brainstorm guide to help you discover which type of linen drapery is perfect for your home!


Layered Linens

A classic white or cream linen pairs wonderfully with a textured bamboo shade, woven wood shade, or a solid roman shade. Layering your window treatments adds texture, depth, and detail, balancing and framing a living space. Layering your window treatments also gives customizable privacy and light control without compromising style. We love the color and texture contrast of a linen and a woven wood, because it gives a sophisticated warmth to a living space!

Bamboo Shades Layered With Linen Curtains


Embroidered Linen Drapes

Incorporating embroidered linens into your living space is a great way of bringing in subtle design details into your living space in a sophisticated fashion. A cream linen is perfect way to frame your windows, allowing the neutral to create an elegant color balance.  The embroidery calls attention to the beautiful window design but doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Embroidered Linen Panels

Color Blocking

Horizontal color blocking is a wonderful way of bringing together a color theme of a room, defining the essence of your room in a subtle but strong way. Pairing colors together on a window covering adds a touch of drama. We love playing with dark and light colors, as it creates a focal point within the room and draws the eye to the window, a gorgeous source of natural light!


Muse Interiors colour block linen curtains


Ombre Linens

Ombre is here to stay! Ombre is a classic trend that creates a beautiful color gradient. Ombre plays with color in a novel way that allows the natural light in the room to follow the color gradient of the fabric, as shown below. Bright light and white are dominant factors of the room below. Various deep navy blues and lighter blue hues also dominate the space. The blues and whites flow throughout the room and balance one another out in their extremes. The ombre linen helps to balance out the two dominant colors. We are in love with this use of ombre!


DIY Ombre Linen Curtains

Floral Linen

Florals are tricky and can often be a faux pas, but the key is color and design. The floral below is a classic design with simple uses of color, creating a luxurious, airy essence within the room. The delicate design is remnant of classic porcelain sets, giving the room a touch of timeless sophistication. The linen itself paired with the striped wallpaper gives the room a touch of modernity while still paying ode to its classic design.




Let us know which linen curtain ideas inspired you the most. We can’t wait to customize linen draperies for your home!


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