The coronation of the king…

The coronation of the king…

This whole king thing started many years ago.

In fact to explain it properly I have to go all the way back to my childhood. I was a “perfect child”. I know, it’s about as pretentious as referring to me as the king. My mother will confirm this fact. She will tell you that I never gave her a hard time until my 40’s.

I was an only child, so our house was never very chaotic. My wife on the other hand was the youngest of three children and was used to much more turmoil in their home. We were both raised by completely different styles of parenting. My mother used the look of death method whenever I strayed from her orders. After all, she was raised in an orphanage and I’m sure that’s how she was raised. My mother in law, although I wasn’t there, I’m sure was a lot less strict.

I was very fortunate to have the best relationship with my in laws I could hope for. The truth is, they were way too good to us. We bought our first house in 1985, about a mile from the house my wife grew up in. As our family grew they were always there to lend a hand. The best way to describe my mother in law is demure. She, quite frankly, is the sweetest women that I know. She was always supportive and never judged us, even if she didn’t agree with us.

I remember coming home from a long day at work to see my house turned upside down by my kids. My wife was exhausted from chasing them around all day. All I wanted was a home cooked meal and a quiet place to unwind from my stressful day. This was what my dad got when he came home from work. Why can’t I have the same? My mother in law, witnessing the situation would put her hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear. “Don’t worry Rick; someday you will be the king of your castle”. This advice came from a woman that I trust and admire. I could always count on her guidance. She was committed to help bring stability to our home. She loved me and would do anything she could for me. This scenario repeated itself many times throughout our child rearing years. I would look at her and always ask, so when am I going to be the king of my castle? She would always say, “Be patient, it will happen”. Those reassuring words gave me hope. This went on for years. A few years back I cornered her and begged, “I give up, when, for the love of god, will I ever be king of my castle?” She looked me straight in the eye, and in her calm loving manner said, “I’m sorry, I lied.”

Within a month of learning the devastating news that there was to be no King of the Castle I met a women by the name of Sandy Gooch. Sandy was a client of one of the outstanding interior designers that I work with, Wendy Weiner. (www.wendyweiner.com).

Wendy has a gift of creating rooms of luxurious elegance for extremely discerning clients. My job is to advise her on all the different options that I think are appropriate for different window applications. By the way, if that name, Sandy Gooch sounds familiar to you, it is. She is the original Mrs. Gooch from the natural grocery store chain. Years ago she sold her business to Whole Foods. She is a terrific story of success. She is a guest lecturer at some of the most prestigious universities including the USC Marshall School of business. Sandy got to know me over the years through all the various projects I assisted Wendy with. One day Wendy and Sandy were discussing another project and Wendy told her that I suggested she treat some windows in a certain way. Sandy said to Wendy, “Well if the King thinks that is the best solution, that that’s the way we’ll do it!” The King is back! If I’m not king in my own home, than at least I am in the eyes of such a prominent client.


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