Dress Your Windows with Ease with These Three Questions

Dress Your Windows with Ease with These Three Questions

When you make the decision to dress your windows, choosing the perfect coverings can be a bit of a challenge, perhaps even more challenging than the time you had to convince your three year old that she just couldn’t wear her Cinderella bathing suit to school. When you don’t know where to start, making an investment can feel daunting, but the three questions you should ask yourself will help you figure out exactly what you are looking for, both functionally and stylistically.


Romantic sheer custom drapes with warm golds for a perfect bedroom ambiance.


What is the function of your living space?

Outline the functions of your living space, paying particular attention to the light that filters in through your windows and the varying temperatures that occur within your living space. Figure out exactly what you are hoping to gain from your living space making sure to include everyday experiences, as well as special occasions and events in which you hope to entertain guests. The more details you include, the easier it will be to create a holistic concept for your window coverings.


Traditional kitchen style with just a touch of warmth, perfect for everyday family gatherings and those special occasions with loved ones.


What is the artistic design of your living space?

We like to look at windows like a fashion designer looks at draping mannequins.  The windows are the basic structures that inspire the design of the window coverings. The rooms in which the windows are located help to inspire and focus the design of the window treatments. Focus on the themes of color, print, style, and ambiance that your living spaces encompass or will soon encompass. Your living space is your drawing board, so get creative, be daring, and use your window coverings as an opportunity to express yourself artistically.


Gorgeous pairing of print and earthy texture for a vibrant and unique feel.


What are you hoping to gain from the experience of your living space?

Experience is when the function of your window coverings in Los Angeles meets artistic design. How do you want to feel every time you enter your living space? How do you want your guests to feel when they enter your living space? Seasoned professionals love to create experience through interior design. Because an artistic design can often double as function, you can efficiently accomplish temperature control and light control while still creating a romantic ambiance of luxury. Every living space is an opportunity to share a bit of yourself, your personal style, and your life with your family and friends.

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