Galaxy Home Makeover: Renovated Loft in the Historic Higgins Building

Galaxy Home Makeover: Renovated Loft in the Historic Higgins Building

The Higgins building in Los Angeles is a historic cultural landmark, built back in 1910. Initially, this was an office building and even contained the city’s first privately-owned power plant in the basement. This Beaux-Arts style building was designed by architect A.L. Haley.

It has now been renovated into hip new lofts with an industrial look we adore. Our designer Cynthia worked with these great residents on very custom window treatments and the results are just perfect.


Outside the Historical Higgins Building

From the outside, you’d have no idea this wasn’t office buildings even still. When homeowners don’t own the entire building, changes to the interior are that much more meaningful. When you only have the inside to decorate, though, creativity can really shine through!


I love Los Angeles and all of it’s cultures and diversity not only in the people, but the many various neighbors filled with different styles of homes both old and new. This is my home and I am inspired every day.

– Cynthia Dunbar

With a beautiful industrial interior like this, the couple maintained the style while mixing it up with their own custom designs to make a kitchen space that is inviting and comfortable.



Adding Textures & Custom Window Coverings to Suit their Space

In an open loft like this, all your spaces – living room, kitchen, bedroom – are technically one space. But considering each defined area has its own unique needs, it poses unique challenges for not only the interior designers, but the overall feel of the room.

Cynthia worked with these great clients to customize their window coverings in a way that best utilizes each window in its defined space.

The draperies Cynthia added allow plenty of natural light into the living room and kitchen spaces, with texture and fabric that help soften the overall feel.


The drapery rods are set much higher to give the illusion of larger windows.

This creates a beautiful illusion of tall windows, and next to the bedroom space, it also helps really define the two areas as separate.

The roller shades in the bedroom area help block much more light in order to get a more restful night’s sleep.



Their furry family members were a blast!

We know this is a design blog, but who doesn’t want to see cats and dogs? Besides, having pets in a home actually does change things when it comes to making sure your window coverings are not only safe from your pets, but safe for them too.

Enjoy the cuteness!



The end result was sheer perfection!

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a little deeper look into this project. We’re proud of Cynthia and her work with this great couple on their new loft. When done professionally, custom window coverings really make the most out of unique features for your lifestyle as well as your needs and last for years to come.


Cynthia Dunbar

Cynthia Dunbar

Window Coverings Design Consultant

Cynthia has been designing in different industries her entire career and was not always a window covering designer. As a makeup artist and personal wardrobe designer, Cynthia always designed each project with an artistic approach where she was able to express her client’s style in a fun and creative way. We’re glad to have her with us doing amazing work for homeowners and business owners all over the Greater LA area!

When Cynthia is not designing window treatments in the LA showroom, she is taking part in animal rescue initiatives throughout Los Angeles. She is extremely passionate about animals and helping aid them back to good health after living in bad situations.

She loves walking around gorgeous Los Angeles and attending a variety of concerts from the philharmonic to today’s techno music. Cynthia also loves to just kick her feet up on the couch and get deep into a good mystery novel.


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