The King decrees, “Let there be color!”

The King decrees, “Let there be color!”

Did you ever wonder why so many of us have white or off white walls in our homes?  Truth be told it’s because most of us are scared of making a mistake of choosing the wrong color.  When was the last time you even thought about color?  What effect do different colors have on you?  Did you even know that color affects you in different ways?  Corporations know it.  Think about their logos.  Fast food restaurant chains know it.  They use color in their restaurants to get you in and out in a hurry.  A good interior designer will know it.  Anyone who provides you with products for your home should know it but most don’t.  The science and psychology of color is used by true professionals in our industry.  Next time you are shopping for something for your home ask the person helping you, how will that certain color make you feel.  Watch them closely for that blank stare when you ask.

Many clients schedule their window covering appointments at the end of their design process.  We have become experts in tying all the pieces of the puzzle together.  The paint is on the walls, the furniture and flooring are already in the room.  Our job is to work with the hand we have been dealt and make the most of it.  Some of our clients that are redecorating a room take advantage of our skills as certified color specialists.  This makes the entire project more successful and removes lots of stress from our clients.  The end result is a room that makes you feel just how you wanted it to.  It’s just as important to us.  We just don’t sell draperies, shades, blinds and shutters.  We help create rooms that say, “wow”.  And most importantly, our clients really appreciate what we helped them create.


We just installed draperies at the Mastro’s Restaurant in Thousand Oaks.  We used a deep claret colored fabric to accent their upscale steak house motif.  The end result was a warm inviting feeling. Mastro’s knows it’s just not about the steak (although it’s the best I’ve had), it’s about the experience.  If you haven’t been there I highly recommend you do. If you do go during the work week, ask for John, and tell him you read about the restaurant on Galaxy Draperies blog.  I’d like to know about your experience. Please e-mail me, rick@galaxy91311.dev8.sociusinc.com and tell me about it.


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