The King proclaims, “Bold color is back!”

The King proclaims, “Bold color is back!”

2012/13 Colors Inspire Intensity for Life and Unplugging from It All

The need for hope and happiness is drawing us to richer, brighter colors. Backgrounds can still be neutral but we’re adding some “pop” or accents to remind us that we’re alive, well and moving toward a more joyful future. Bright colors bring happy times. Muted colors are softer and less stressful. Dark colors calm us-although too much of them can be depressing.

Perhaps there is no such thing as a “new” color but at certain times, particular colors bubble to the surface to become the “now” color. Why? Something about that hue or the way it’s paired with another color speaks to a fresh new attitude, and our emotional response is piqued and satisfied.

color therapy

You may initially balk at this “new” color; first you see it, hate it, then a few months later you love it, wear it, paint it . . . then a few months or years later you are ready for a fresh reflection of your new mood, interests and changing emotional needs. Of course, with interior design, it’s never about one color: The way colors are placed together creates a specific feel and energy. Color palettes are designed to create harmony, excitement or punch. A few years ago, for example, “avocado green” came back as a response to Baby Boomers’ need to feel safe, but instead of “harvest gold” we saw the avocado paired with a soft, pale blue to make it fresh and light.


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