Patterns, Prints, and Textures, Oh My!

Patterns, Prints, and Textures, Oh My!

Patterns and prints are fantastic interior design opportunities to express your inner artist. This day and age is all about bold, daring, romantic, and abstract prints and patterns. Use your living space as a blank canvas with shades, valances, and other custom window treatment design specifically in Los Angeles, CA to be painted upon- literally and metaphorically. Interior design is taking a bold turn with its emphasis on loose geometric patterns, daring large-scale prints, and mixing of graphic patterns.

Add luxury and drama with a few of the hottest trends!

Mixing Prints

Be bold and mix your prints! It will bring dynamic dimension and artistic interest to your living space.

Use the rule of threes to mix and match prints and patterns. Choose three or more patterns with a cohesive color scheme and color intensity. Experiment with black and white graphic patterns paired with colorful, loose geometric prints to create a modern juxtaposition of structure and abstraction.

Mix bold Patterns

Floral Prints

Explore your inner hopeless romantic with delicate, floral prints. Bright, bold floral designs breathe life into your living space, while still giving the room an artistic edge. Play with transparent watercolor floral linens to add a delicate touch of romance. This year’s floral trends encourage mixing of the feminine and masculine. Mix bright watercolor floral designs with bold abstract canvases. Bluebellgray fabrics use fabric as a blank canvas colored with intricate watercolor floral designs, perfect for any sunroom, bathroom, or bedroom.



Consider textures and the weight of your bold and sexy prints and patterns. The texture of your fabrics are just as important as the pattern designs themselves. Textures add dimension and artistic character to any living pace. Velvets, woven woods, and corduroy are quickly entering the fashion scene. Dive back in time into Hollywood’s Golden Era and makeover your space with the Hollywood Regency Style. Pair dark velvets with bold damask patterns for a kind of luxury your guests will simply love.

Read Why Texture is Design Magic for more tips and tricks on using texture in your home.



Picture your Patterns

Dress your windows in this year’s most luxurious and daring trends. Custom curtains and draperies are a gorgeous and chic way to incorporate adventurous patterns and romantic floral prints. Be your own artist and paint your room with adventure and extravagance for a living space perfect for you and your unique style.

We’re loving this trend, and hope you are too! What’s your favorite use of bold, bright and creative patterns?

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