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The color experts at Pantone have chosen Ultra Violet as the 2018 Color of the Year. Trends are wonderful ways to keep your smaller design elements fresh and try new things you may discover you are in love with! Here’s what Pantone had to say about their choice of this dramatic color:

Creativity, imagination and inspiration are what interior design often is all about! Colors invoke a variety of feelings for different people, and we wanted to highlight fun ways to change out small items in order to make a big impact so you can try out Ultra Violet yourself this year. From small pillows to giant purple kitchens, there’s something for everyone!

Here are our favorite design uses of Ultra Violet for 2018!

Throw pillows make great accent items that are simple to swap out whenever you’d like. Some folks buy entire new pillows while others actually just change out pillow cases.


Shades of Light
Get this super-soft lambswool pillow here.

We love these beautiful coasters! These can stay on the table even when this color isn’t the “in” thing anymore.


Seaborn Agate Coaster
Get these agate coasters here.

 If you love those coasters as much as we do, this accent table may be a perfect addition too!


Wall art is a great way to have rotating options you can change out in mere minutes. Plus, if you’re even slightly crafty, some modern art isn’t too hard to make to go along with your new color theme.


Ultra Vivid Violet Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas

Shop the wall art here.


If you’re not feeling the wall art, why not an entire wall?


Home Design Lover

Lighting can be a fun, creative way to add pops of color. Of course, there’s the obvious lampshades to swap out, but consider even some fun things like chandeliers!

Zoe Global Bazaar Light Purple 4 Light Mini Chandelier

Kathy Kuo Home
Get the chandelier here.

Shades of Light
This pendant light reminds us of flower petals! You can pick one up here.

Pick up this adorable tweed lampshade here.

Area rugs are a great way to to tie different color and texture elements together. If you’ve got a little purple on the walls, the pillows and the table, adding in a rug that combines colors from your those and the creamy white of your draperies could be exactly what you need to make it all go together beautifully!


Purple Area Rug
All Modern
Get the rug here.

Antique New Zealand Wool Rug
This handknotted, 100% New Zealand wool rug is one of our favorites! Pick it up here.


Want more than just a touch of Ultra Violet?

This deep purple color isn’t for everyone, and frankly, we don’t encourage people to make larger or more expensive home design decisions off of passing trends…but if you’re a purple lover through-and-through, then maybe you’d love going all out, like some of these options!

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Quartz Craft Countertop
Quartz Craft Countertops
If you’re a ultra violet lover, this amazing kitchen is inspirational!


If you are a fan of the TV show Breaking Bad, you may remember a certain home utilized this color REALLY well! Marie and Hank’s home used a deep purple as an accent color throughout, and still kept it classy!

Breaking Bad Marie's House Purple Living Room


No matter your feelings on the color, here’s to trying out bold and creative new elements in your life in 2018! Happy New Year!

Which use of ultra violet is your favorite?

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