Windows and Fung what?

Windows and Fung what?

Feng Shui. It’s an ancient Chinese practice closely related to Acupuncture. Feng Shui can heal, calm and balance energy flow in a home; similar to how Acupuncture does this for the body. Windows are a big part of the process of creating soothing and supportive environments through the application of Feng Shui principles within interior design.

A term used in Feng Shui to refer to a source of energy is “the mouth of Chi” – Chi, meaning life force/energy, mouth referring to the entrance. Just as the mouth is where nutrients or toxins enter a body, a door or window is where these energies enter a home.

Honor your windows with beautiful window treatments that fit your décor, lifestyle, and energy flow. Beyond the need for privacy or light filtering, window treatments are the frame for the art, your view.

For example, if you have a beautiful view, a simple yet elegant drapery may allow the view to “pop” and be a focal point. If a window is a view of the street and cars, consider a top/down treatment to camouflage the view, creating a calm and peaceful space inside, while still allowing daylight in and the sky or treetops to be seen. You can also use these principles to inform the style of your deck awning to match your home.

The newest member of the Exciting Windows by Galaxy Draperies family is Design Consultant, Helen Arabanos. Helen has been a business associate of Rick and Diane Baker for four years and comes to us with over seven years of experience analyzing color and advising on window treatments.

Helen is a professional Feng Shui consultant. In her consultations she frequently advises her clients on the type and style of window treatments needed to maximize positive energy flow. Now that she has joined our family at Exciting Windows by Galaxy Draperies, she can provide those treatments to her clients and share her Feng Shui knowledge with customers looking for Custom Curtains and Draperies in Los Angeles, CA.

And Helen tells us that not every home’s front door should be painted red.


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