And the Winner Is…Emerald Green

And the Winner Is…Emerald Green

As mentioned in a prior post, the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year is Emerald Green (#17-5641). Pantone is the world’s global color matching leader. Their experts select the color based on factors including economic climate, social environment, and what they see designers using on the runways.

Color trends tend to hit the fashion industry first, then the home décor industry, so if emerald is a color that appeals to you, you will likely be leading the crowd rather than following it. It is natural for people to become more attracted to a color that they see around them. If Emerald doesn’t appeal to you immediately, don’t be surprised if it grows on you over time through exposure.

Color is medicine so it makes sense that a rich, luxurious color like Emerald, a color associated with Kings and Emperors would be the color choice for a year when the focus is on improving the economy. Visit Pantone to find out more about Emerald.

In Feng Shui the color green represents the element of wood, which is relates to growth and forward movement. People often associate wealth and prosperity with green; the color of money. Placing a “money tree” in one’s home became a popular trend. Money trees should have round leafs, representative of coins which was one of the earliest forms of money. A spiky leaf represents a sword or a dagger; you may want to keep these types of plants to a minimum, and preferably place them away from doors, entries, and walkways.

What color are you? What does that say about you? Here’s a fun and free version of the Dewey System color test. Answer a few questions about the colors you prefer and/or like the least and find out what personality type you are. Share your results by posting a comment with them.


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