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Patio Decor Ideas You’ll Love This Summer

With the summer just around the corner, outdoor entertainment is about to be in full swing. We spend a lot of time on our decks and patios, but rarely give them the love they deserve when it comes to decor and overall comfort.  When you think of it as another room of your home, it seems silly to not make

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Smart and Sustainable In-Home Technology to Reduce Utility Costs

The financial and environmental costs of using utilities add up fast. In many cases – and we’re all guilty of this – we don’t realize how much we’re consuming until the utility bill shows up. We scratch our heads and think, “wow, there’s no way I used 897 kilowatt-hours of electricity this month.” (The average U.S. household uses that much

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Your Bedroom Windows Could Be Depriving You of Quality Sleep

“I just don’t feel rested even after a full night’s sleep.”

In this hectic day and age, so many people utter those words. We know about moving the TV out of our room, avoiding blue light from electronics, and things of that type, but we wanted to talk a little bit about the light that enters your room and even the psychology of the colors you choose.

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Why We’re Fighting Against Childhood Cancer

Childhood cancer is unique, and even after the cancer is gone, kids still have a lifelong fight ahead of them. Help us raise money to help them fight back, and learn how our own lives have been affected by Hazel Hammersley’s own fight against Stage 3 Neuroblastoma.

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