How Energy Efficient Curtains Reduce Heat & Save Money

How Energy Efficient Curtains Reduce Heat & Save Money

energy-efficient-curtains-drapes-225After laying out, getting tan, and sipping on margaritas all day…we know it is best to escape to a home with energy efficient custom curtains in Los Angeles.

It’s time to pull all the stops to not lose your cool in the hellish heat this year.

Don’t let yourself or your electricity bill suffer needlessly. You deserve to have a relief from this heat without racking up your energy bill!

In this blog post, you will learn how to reduce your electrical bill costs with your new best friend: energy efficient curtains!


The Benefits of Energy Efficient Curtains

So what on earth is making your home so hot and oppressive? The sun, of course!

Managing the heat in your home is strongly related to keeping the cool air inside your home. If you do not have window coverings than it can easily escape. By choosing the right window coverings for your home, you can greatly reduce the temperature while also saving energy.

Learn the benefits of installing window blinds and shades for reduced solar gain while using a curtain liner or film.


Help Out Your Air Conditioner

Reduce the strain on your air conditioner and some of the pressure off your energy bill and your air conditioner by installing curtains that keep the energy in your home, not escaping outside of your windows.


Save Money With This Investment

A great advantage of investing in curtains that help regulate the temperature in your home is that it will pay for itself. When you are able to reduce the use of your air conditioning, you save money instantly.  Does that mean that your air conditioner will have more effect so you can turn it off every once in awhile? Absolutely.


Simple Way To Go Green

Add energy efficient curtains to your green list! Any way that you’re reducing energy consumption, you are helping the environment and your community in a small way. This is what we call a life-hack; a strategy for managing your life in a more effective way. Share this green life-hack with your friends so that it can become a movement.

Contact us by phone or email if you have more questions on window coverings for your home.


Tips for Cooling Your Home with Energy Efficient Curtains

Allow us to walk you through the best practices to maximize your next investment on stylish, climate controlling curtains.


Customize for Reduced Solar Gain

For reducing heat, ask about your options to reduce Summer Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) or the Shading Coefficient of your window coverings. When purchasing draperies, speak to our designers about reducing the heat in your home. You will be directed to the right treatments to suit your specific needs and style for SHGC.

SHGC describes the fraction of solar energy that is transmitted through a window covering, which includes the combination of the total opacity of the glass, screens, and fabric to resist the sun’s impact on the environment.

Remember, the lower the percentage of sunlight coming through, the lower the temperature.

Everyone has their unique style and situation, which is why window customization is one of our most popular Window Treatment Trends.


Choose a Second Layer: Curtain Linings and UV Films

Keep in mind that there are several effective tactics of heat regulation when it comes to window treatments, but using a combination of multiple strategies can really maximize the effectiveness.

A curtain lining is an effective extra layer that decreases your solar heat gain as well as noise pollution. Specifically in LA, there is a dual benefit with lining your windows with another layer on top of your roman shades or interior shutters.

UV Films, also called Energy Efficient Films, are another way to stop the sun before reaching your actual draperies. This can protect your draperies and also serve as a shield to prevent heat penetration from passing the boundary of the window. Now that’s effective.



Blackout The Room With Energy Efficient Curtains

Also known as “thermal drapes,” blackout curtains are the masters of blocking the sun. If you’re into hardcore sun blockage, this is the tool you want in your arsenal.

Don’t be discouraged by the name, either. You see, black-out curtains can be of any color, and any style too! Specifically, black-out roller shades are extremely effective for keeping the sun out.

There is a double plus here for day-sleepers or those with night shifts, look forward to coming home and sleeping during the day while the blackout curtains help you pretend it’s night.



Close East and West Facing Windows

Make a habit of checking how the light shifts in your home throughout the day. This way, you’ll learn gradually how to maintain the heat of your home naturally, leaving the sweating to the margarita glasses.

In the morning, cover your east facing curtains and draw indirect light from the west. In the afternoon, cover the west-facing windows as the sun sets. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest and relaxation of your wonderfully cool home.

Home automation and motorized window covering solutions that can automate this process with the sun!


Automating Windows in Hard to Reach Places

So you really do have the motivation to open and close those windows, but they’re a pain to reach? Not to worry, automation has your back and you are welcome to just chill on the couch.

If you have windows that are bringing you down, you should bring those babies up – with a remote! Exploring motorized window treatments will give you the ease of effort that you so rightly deserve.


Don’t Drop It Like It’s Hot, Draw the Curtains Like It’s Cool

Galaxy Draperies has been keeping Los Angeles residents energy efficient and cool for 40 years, so we know a thing or two about taking the heat off.

Learn more about the reducing the heat in your home from the Window Treatment Experts.



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