Perfect Family Living Room Furniture for 5 Different Lifestyles

Perfect Family Living Room Furniture for 5 Different Lifestyles

The living room is the perfect place for spending some quality time with your family or friends. This is why stylish yet comfortable furniture along with complementary window coverings are an absolute must as they make these precious moments an even better experience.

A comfy night spent with your siblings playing cards on the family couch is always more memorable than floundering uncomfortably elsewhere.

So, in order to make your favorite place in the house more attractive, relaxing and cozy, the first thing you have to do is pick the right furniture-cum-window-treatments that speak perfectly for your lifestyle.

Further, we’ll be sharing a few tips on how you can select these particular furnishings for your living room interiors according to your lifestyle.

Let’s have a look!

Living Room Furniture for Power Couple Sans Children


living room with chrome frames on black patterned chairs

If you’re a modern family of two with no plans of having a child, then you definitely have the liberty to go for a sleek, industrial look for your living rooms. You can pick sofas with an edgy aura and creative, industrial-style patinas. Coffee tables and end tables with chrome or metallic bases in stunning, sculptural styles can be your centerpieces.

Alternately, you can opt for vintage style pieces with decorative castors as well. As for window coverings, either sheer or plain white curtains or unadorned roller blinds are an excellent choice to complement the steampunk vibe of this style. You’ll definitely be able to maintain a clean, effortlessly homely outlook of your living rooms, even with your busy schedules this way.

Styles for Traditional Families a la Generations

large living room with traditional style furniture and decor

Living rooms in houses with large families that often span generations are definitely different. For one, they’re larger. Secondly, they must have enough seating to accommodate large family gatherings. Thirdly, the atmosphere must be cozy enough, which is an absolute staple for traditional family homes.

Therefore, the furniture in such living rooms has to be plush, highly comfortable and laden with lots of throws and couch cushions to encompass that specific ambiance. The coffee table must be large and adequately cluttered with books, trinkets, toys and other accessories to emulate a warm feeling of sharing. Instead of stylish accent chairs, you can go for kid’s furniture so there’s room for everyone in the place. As for window coverings, you can either go for drapes for a traditional look or opt for homely looking straw blinds to evoke a truly cozy aura.

Considerations for Growing Families

mom sitting in living room with two children nearby, looking at the laptop on her lap

If you’re part of a newly formed and still growing family, you’ll need to dress your living rooms accordingly. Toddlers and growing children can be a handful, so the furniture has to be specially selected on the basis of baby-proofing. You must opt for upholstery fabrics that are easy to clean, and colors that hide ugly stains well. The furniture must also not have any sharp edges or you’ll be kissing those boo-boo’s all day long. Go for plush, shag style or hand-tufted area rugs and bypass the coffee table for stiff ottomans to keep things casual and toddler-proof at the same time.

If you don’t want that, then go for coffee tables with round tabletops and curvy legs with no sharp edges. Deep, dark colors are always recommended – they imbue a fun vibe while hiding all those inevitable messes nicely. As for window coverings, you can opt for homely looking chic-blinds that are highly durable or other sorts of treatments such as venetian blinds, roman blinds or roller blinds. Safety is also a concern, so be cognizant of strangulation hazards with your selections.

Designing for a Family of Adults

large living room with natural toned wood and large camera on tripod

If your family lifestyle is modern and aloof and usually revolves around a house full of adults, then your living room must reflect those refined tastes. You can opt for plush, classy furniture in beautiful neutral tones topped off with tasteful couch cushions. There’s no need to refrain yourself from using glass and chrome. The end tables can be embellished with tasteful accessories that are as delicate as they are gorgeous. The coffee table you choose can have a sculptural appeal and the accent chairs can also feature stunning neutral tones.

As for window coverings, you should opt for long, draping curtains to accentuate the contemporary tones of such graceful living room furniture. However, if you’d like a modern edge, you can also opt for roman or venetian blinds.

Avoiding Destruction for Families with Pets

two dogs sit on wooden floor in a traditional living room

You must have heard the horror stories of animals going grizzly on furniture, and this is why it’s important to be selective with your living room furniture if your lifestyle involves taking care of pets. Try to go for inexpensive couches – you don’t want nasty surprises on designer furniture. You can alternatively go minimal with the furnishings as well by choosing only one or two armchairs along with a bean bag instead of an entire sectional. You should also make sure that the window coverings are not easily reachable, chewable or tear-able.

Check out our guide to Pet-Safe Window Coverings to learn how to choose optimal pet-friendly options, along with some behavioral things to watch for to held ward off window covering damage in the first place.

So these are the types of window coverings and furniture you can dress your living rooms in according to your lifestyle. We hope we helped you make better decisions about this crucial aspect!


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