Neutral Nurseries That Aren’t Just Green or Yellow

Neutral Nurseries That Aren’t Just Green or Yellow

‘Millennial Pink Has to Go’ was the title of an article I read recently, and then Pantone announced Ultra Violet as their 2018 Color of the Year. We showed you how to use that deep purple in mature home styles, but we know those deep, dark or bold palatte just aren’t everyone’s thing. Sometimes you need a little bit of a visual break from big, bold and bright. Or maybe you have very bold furniture and other accents for your room and want the walls to simply function as a background rather than an accent by themselves (bright red couches, anyone?).

Not to mention, when designing a space to share with your family, it can be nice to get away from colors that may not speak to everyone in the home. Maybe you love blues and your spouse hates red. What then? If you’re designing a nursery for a new baby, or a room for grandchildren, it can be nice to have it be a space that everyone loves, and yet not resort to the green and yellow options commonly resorted to in gender neutral infant options.

Neutrals don’t just mean browns and tans

Although those are quite popular (and are shown to be the best color scheme for upping a home’s asking price!), but it also includes greys. Beware though – all neutrals have some undertone color – green, blue, reds, yellows… you’ve probably heard references to warm and cool colors too.

Warm colors work great in living rooms, family rooms and other “active” areas, whereas cool colors are wonderful for relaxing in your bedroom or master bathroom. You can mix warm and cool colors, but typically people like to stick with one side or the other. Just make sure if you’re choosing different shades and tints (lighter and darker versions of the same color), that you’re matching that cool or warm undertone. If you know you want some bright accent colors in your decor, choose a neutral that complements it well.



Neutrals blend beautifully with natural elements in your room such as wood or stone

Natural elements are popular, and for very good reason – not only are they beautiful, but bringing in elements of the outdoors inside can make your home feel much more peaceful, and may even good for your mental health! If you’re a DIY-er, neutral themes with natural elements may inspire you to make things out of pallets, branches, or other pieces of nature.


Black and white can make designs that are anything but boring

Black and white create a fantastic base for just about any accent color.  They’re simple, yet allow so much creativity and look incredibly modern.

Kids’ rooms and nurseries don’t need gender-specific colors – nor do you need to resort to green and yellow

If you have more than one child or grandchild who will eventually be using one room, or simply don’t want to stick with “gender norms”, there are so many more options than the fallback of green and yellow when it comes to non-gender specific color themes for children’s rooms.

We’re in love with the use of neutrals, both on the beige/brown side and black and white for nurseries. Aren’t these amazing and adorable?

We love neutrals, if you can’t tell! Setting up a neutral base gives you the option of changing out the accent or secondary colors with ease.

Want to work on your neutral color scheme in your rooms, starting with your windows?



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