Employee Spotlight: Ed Ellis, Lead Installer

Employee Spotlight: Ed Ellis, Lead Installer

Head shot of Galaxy Draperies lead installer Ed Ellis
Ed Ellis

Meet Ed Ellis, he is one of the most experienced and devoted installers to ever work with us at Galaxy Draperies, with a great story!

One thing to understand about Ed, is that he won’t leave a job until it has been fully completed and meets his standard of installation perfection.

Ed’s stellar work on high-quality window treatments and his devotion ensures that every project looks flawless.

Born and raised in the Los Angeles custom window treatments industry, Ed has developed his own clientele and worked with numerous celebrities in his career.

Discover how Ed grew up in the window covering industry, why he left, and what ultimately drew him back to the industry, that he ‘s always been in love with.


Born in the Window Covering Industry

Although Ed has only worked for Galaxy Draperies for the past two years, he has been involved in the custom window covering industry for the majority of his life.

A son of two window covering professionals, Ed remembers going to install window treatments with his father when he was only about five or six years old.

Long vertically hung drapery panels of elegant fabric framing two rows of three windows.
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His mother owned a workroom to create soft treatments and his father was an installer. Naturally, Ed wanted to contribute to the business in his own way.

When he was old enough, he started working in a fabric store in order to bring more design knowledge to the table. There, he learned how to fabricate, coordinate patterns, and color design materials to create truly custom window treatments.

After a couple years in the fabric store, Ed felt he possessed enough design knowledge to help with the family business. Thus, he began his journey selling custom curtains, top treatments, blinds and shades in LA.

Three top treatment drapery swags elegantly hanging over three large windows in a high ceiling living room.
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At this point, Ed felt he could really make a name for himself and his family. He knew how to sell, how to fabricate, and how to install. He was a one-man-custom-window-covering shop.

“If there is ever a problem with their window treatments, they call me directly. When they do, they request me specifically and will wait a few extra days if necessary,”

But not everyone felt the same way he did. Numerous customers claimed Ed didn’t know what he was talking about. They said there was no way someone so young could be as knowledgeable as he was.

So what does a 19-year-old man do when no one would recognize his talent? He left.


Transitioning into our Lead Installer

Over the years, Ed worked as a delivery driver for both Pepsi and Budweiser. It wasn’t window coverings, but there were great benefits. He didn’t have to sit behind a desk, and he learned great lessons that he applies to his installations today.

However, Ed always told himself that when he no longer enjoyed his job, it was time go.

One day, Ed’s mother called him asking for help on an installation project and he was right back where he started, only this time he was older and wiser.

Finally, Ed was designing and installing window treatments for clients just like he always wanted. He was working for his mother but quickly transitioned into working for another window covering manufacturer.

Beautifully hung window swag with elegant tassels over a three piece window
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While at his new position, Ed started retaining clients that only wanted to work with him. Unable to promise them this, Ed moved from the large window covering manufacturer. He remembered how much he loved working for his family’s small business and decided to make the move to another one, Galaxy Draperies.

When our CEO Rick Baker met Ed, Rick said, “I never find people who know more than I do. You know more than I do.”

The two have been taking on the window covering industry in Los Angeles ever since. Ed has been the lead installer for us for just over two years and we are loving every second of it.

When asked what his favorite part about working with Galaxy Draperies, he said, “Where do I start?” He loves the amount of knowledge everyone has to offer.

He enjoys the collaboration and comradery between the designers, owners, and installation team. Ed believes this is the heart of Galaxy Draperies. This is why he enjoys working here so much.

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Design Mantra: Would I Accept it in my own House?

Not everyone has the devotion to custom window treatments as Ed does. Does three floors of 60 windows all four window treatments sounds like a piece of cake? To most of us, absolutely not! But to Ed, it does.

When working on this project, Ed was told that he would never finish the project before the rest of the renovation teams. Not only did he finish 6 days before the deadline, Ed finished before everyone else.

Ed’s design mantra is the reason he is able to skip meals until the job is perfect. He says to himself, “If it was in my house or business, would I accept it?”

Gorgeously designed draperies hanging over the top of a bed from detailed wood cornice box.
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“One of my bosses when I was a driver always told me, when you walk into wherever you are delivering, you now work for them. This resonated with me and I think about it during every window covering job I do,” said Ed Ellis, Lead Installer at Galaxy Draperies.

No questions asked Ed will not leave a job nor claim until he knows his client is satisfied. Even if that means having to adjust everything to the client’s exact liking.

His passion doesn’t go unnoticed. Right now, Ed has 10 customers he has been working with for the past five to ten years that will not let anyone else touch their window treatments or motorized retractable awnings.

“If there is ever a problem with their window treatments, they call me directly. I have to have them call our office. When they do, they request me specifically and will wait a few extra days if necessary,”

Passion and devotion to crafting the perfect window treatments is not something he does, it’s who he is. At Galaxy Draperies, we are fortunate to such a dedicated lead installer.


Life Outside the Showroom

Although Ed rarely gets out of the office (he works 6 days a week), he does take every Sunday off to enjoy some time for his hobbies.

“It’s hard to leave work because I love it so much. I don’t feel like I am at my job when I am installing window treatments for my clients. It just what I want to be doing,”

When you can get Ed to step away from his work, chances are you’ll find him tinkering on another project he’s been working on for years.

His 66’ Ford Mustang!

Side view of a 1969 white mustang.

Ed’s addiction to perfection isn’t just with window treatments. When he had fully restored his Mustang to running order and was fully ready to paint, he tore it apart.

Maybe it was because the engine wasn’t running just how he wanted? Maybe it was because the project was finally done? Or maybe it was Ed’s standard of high quality?

Whatever the reason may be, it’s safe to say that when you put a job into Ed’s hands, he isn’t going to put it down until it absolutely perfect.


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