Using Living Coral in Your Home’s Design – 2019 Pantone Color of the Year

Using Living Coral in Your Home’s Design – 2019 Pantone Color of the Year

PANTONE, the leaders in color, release an annual Color of the Year. It’s not just popular design styles they take into consideration, but the atmosphere of society and colors that they feel really speak to socio-economic conditions, technological influences on everyday life, and in this case, the influence social media has on relationships between people.

Living Coral (PANTONE16-1546), this year’s color pick, is designed to reflect warmth, nourishment, comfort that we often miss out on in this fast-paced digital age where we don’t experience authentic and immersive relationships, and yet as it’s the color of under the sea life, coral still reflects nature and playful expressions.


How do I incorporate this year’s Living Coral color into my home?

Last year’s color, Ultra Violet, was bright and bold, but this year’s is much more subtle, giving it the ability to be used in many different designs, from very delicate and feminine to bright, bold and quirky.

PANTONE created 5 different color palettes that feature Living Coral, and we’ll elaborate a little on our feelings on beautiful uses of this wonderful, warm and versatile color.


Focal Point

PANTONE refers to this palette as one that utilizes upscale, composed, and cool color groupings, “drawing our attention like a beam of light.”

When it comes to creating a focal point, there’s a few important things to consider, such as ratios for main colors, complementary colors and accent colors. (Learn more about the Golden Ratio!) This palette features some brights and neutrals that can certainly be combine to gorgeous affect.


Shimmering Sunset

This palette is sunset on a brush… or pillow, drapery, accent wall, whatever you choose. The brilliant and bold color combinations, according to PANTONE, mimic “the dazzling portrait of color splashed across the sky as the sun rises and sets”.

When choosing bright and bold colors, it’s important to consider the purpose of the room you put them in. A Hot Pink and Radiant Yellow (two of the colors in the palette) bedroom may not be a wise choice, but for a sunroom or kitchen could be the perfect solution to making a space exciting and warm.


This one is particularly beautiful in meaning. PANTONE says Sympatico “pays homage to skin tones around the world and the colors we use to enhance our complexions”.

Soft, warm colors that look just as amazing in makeup as they do in our homes, Sympatico is a wonderful grouping of colors that speak to love, warmth, hearth and home.



If this reminds you of the 60’s, you’re not far off! This fun, playful palette is referred to as “hallucinogenic shades with dizzying effects”. The purpose of this one is enjoyment of life with sheer abandon, bringing out fun and joy. Some of the color names really help hammer home the fun and joyful colors, like Vivacious and Pink Lemonade. Childhood abandon made into a palette!

Confused as to how this palette could be used in a home? Check out some of the beautiful finds from people who embrace the wild side.


Under the Sea

Take a swim in the ocean in a tropical paradise with this palette of beautiful, vivid and chromatic colors. Think of the reefs, the tropical fish, the vegetation on the shores.

Ready for a vacation? Sea life isn’t afraid of color and if you love the idea of a tropical vacation within your home, here’s your go-to scheme for the perfect selection. Add some large palm leaf plants, a fish tank (sharks, maybe?) and you’ll feel like you’re on vacation every day.

What’s your favorite use of Living Coral?

An amazing thing about color is just one can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of combinations to create any look, feel and style. Whether delicate, feminine, bright, fun, warm, energetic, or even calming, Living Coral is a versatile color we’re loving as this year’s PANTONE choice.

Whether this has inspired you to use it within your own home, or you’re feeling something a little different, don’t be afraid to reach out to us to have one of our designs meet you in the privacy of your own home to discuss what it would take to create your own underwater, 60’s, or soft and warm paradise.



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