Designer Spotlight: Cynthia Dunbar

Designer Spotlight: Cynthia Dunbar

Cynthia Dunbar designer at Galaxy Draperies
Cynthia Dunbar

We are more than excited to introduce you to Cynthia Dunbar and tell the story of how she became one of the most loved designers at Galaxy Draperies.

Cynthia’s hard work and consistent dedication to her clients is why we wanted to shine a spotlight on her achievements. Follow along the journey and learn her unique artistic approach for creating fashionable window covering designs for up-scale homes.

Born and raised right here in Los Angeles County, Cynthia’s been with Galaxy Draperies for the past 3 years and what an amazing experience it has been for us all.

Since day one at Galaxy, Cynthia has designed glamorous custom window treatments in LA and influenced her high profile customers to let their creativity shine in designs.


A Passionate Creator In The Making

Cynthia Dunbar
Cynthia And Her Daughter

Cynthia has been designing in different industries her entire career and was not always a window covering designer. She found her love for design when she started her journey as a makeup artist in San Francisco where she worked for a nationally recognized company.

From her creative job as a makeup artist, Cynthia pivoted her artistic skills towards wardrobe design and began working as a personal dresser.

As a makeup artist and personal wardrobe designer, Cynthia always designed each project with an artistic approach where she was able to express her client’s style in a fun and creative way.

Although we can’t name names, Cynthia personally designed wardrobes for some of the most famous celebrities in the 1980’s. You name them and she probably designed their attire at least once.

Pretty amazing opportunity, right?

Cynthia’s designing career is only getting started…

After getting married and having children, Cynthia began filling up her free time at home by redecorating their house.


FUN FACT – Friends and family would come over in awe that she was responsible for the beautiful interior design in her home. Pretty soon they were asking for her to come over and design their homes for them!


Transition To In-Home Design

After designing many of her friends’ and family members’ homes, Cynthia realized she had a natural gift and needed to stop getting paid in compliments to work on her passion.

Cynthia took a job at a top 10 in-home design company and instantly knew the industry was the right fit for her. For 24 years, she worked for a national competitor as an in-home design consultant in Orange County.

So how does a makeup artist, personal design dresser, interior designer become the top window covering designer for high profile clients in Los Angeles?


Cynthia’s Creative Approach To Window Covering Designs

We were searching for a designer with a natural knack for design and past experience working with prominent clients in the LA entertainment industry. Naturally, Cynthia was the perfect fit for this role. She tells us that moving from interior design to window coverings was a smooth transition and honestly not much different.

Cynthia Dunbar approaches window covering design the same as interior design, wardrobe creation, and makeup artistry, with an artistic and fun approach. She loves how every project is completely different from the last and approaches every job as it’s own. Every client is different for her and that’s the beauty of it.

icon-4“I cannot say enough great things about working with Cindy at Galaxy. And, the day the shutters came for installation, I was so extremely happy with the results that I nearly cried!”

– Brooke A., Los Angeles, CA

Everyone has their own desires, needs, interests, and vision. Whether you want custom window blinds and shades for your LA home or want guidance down the custom design path than Cynthia is our recommendation for the high end styles that will compliment your current interior designs.

Design Mantra: Listen Rather Than Instruct

Cynthia is a big believer that everyone can design, they just need a bit of help from an industry professional. She’s always designed to “work with clients to help them, rather than instructing them on what exactly to do.”

Cynthia doesn’t tell customers what they want to hear or the exact answer. She listens to what they say and then guides them on their design towards any variation of window covering.


Cynthia always wants her clients to be involved in the design process. Maybe they don’t know all of the products available or how many fabric options there are, but that’s what she is there for.

icon-4“My wife and I hired Galaxy to do our new drapes in the bonus room and could not be happier. We worked with Cynthia and her ideas were spot on. Total satisfaction in the company’s quality and pricing!”

– Lawrence M., Newport Beach, CA

Cynthia starts by showing some examples, making suggestions on their request, and then giving her honest opinion on what she feels would look great with their needs. She wants to create gorgeous window treatments you are excited about and can’t wait to show off to your guests.

In the end, Cynthia feels this is your home and you are the one who is going to enjoy living with your new designs.

Cynthia’s Life Outside The Showroom

When Cynthia is not designing window treatments in the LA showroom, she is taking part in animal rescue initiatives throughout Los Angeles. Organizations Cynthia assist with include: ASPCA, Mercy For Animals, and PETA. She is extremely passionate about animals and helping aid them back to good health after living in bad situations.

Cynthia is involved in a variety of animal charities and does as much as she can to help troubled animals. Aside from helping animals, Cynthia loves to get out and enjoy the city.


She loves walking around gorgeous Los Angeles and attending a variety of concerts from the philharmonic to 60’s electronic bands. Cynthia also loves to just kick her feet up on the couch and get deep into a good mystery novel.

Her most recent project in her free time is planning her daughter’s baby shower. As a designer and soon to be grandma, Cynthia couldn’t be happier to plan an amazing shower for her daughter.

Even after just 3 years with us, we think there are many more amazing years to come with Cynthia and we are privileged to have such a passionate designer on our team. Let us know if you agree in the comments below!


How To Design With Cynthia Dunbar

Cynthia has such an amazing designer story and great track record it’s hard to not want to work with her. How would you like to have such an enthusiastic designer handle your window covering project?

Start thinking of your vision because you know she’s going to ask you for your ideas. Schedule an appointment with Cynthia right now and get the opportunity to see her design skills in action.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with Cynthia – 818-782-1660


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