The Ins and Outs of Designer Window Fashions

The Ins and Outs of Designer Window Fashions

consultationIf you’re looking for designer window fashions for your own home, our experts have some fantastic advice for you!

In this blog, follow along as we take you from novice student to design whiz on all the things to consider when creating window fashions with a true designer-look.

We’ve been designing custom window treatments in Los Angeles since 1976. It is with great pride that our designers are top industry trendsetters and love to find new styles to match the latest fashions with your personal interests.

Creating your own custom designs is truly the only way to go!

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What Are Designer Window Fashions?Gold hardware holding pinch pleated draperies that are a white material until the bottom third where they are a brown material all over a sun up sun down cellular shade

Designer window fashions are made to order, fashionable window treatments that are created by interior designers, rather than already made window coverings produced in large quantities at a factory. They are custom in every sense of the word.

Lavishing embellishments, breathtaking accessories, and custom fabrics are what add the professional design style. Think Nordstrom over Macy’s. Know what we mean?

Custom curtains or draperies that feature a designer vibe and hint of extravagance. Compare to a 1-inch aluminum blind from a chain store which gives your home a mundane look.



Where Do I Start With Designer Window Fashions?

Design inspiration starts with your personal style and fun attitude. Think outside the box for the “perfect solution”.

Here are a few things to think about to get you started:

  • What mood do you want throughout your home?
  • What vibe or style do you want to be sprinkled all over?
  • How do you want guests to think of your home?
  • What emotions to you want to evoke in each room?
  • How do you want your window treatments to function?


Match Designs With Your Interior Decor

When creating custom window fashions, you should start by considering the fabrics, colors, styles, and materials already present in your home. Think of complimentary textures and styles that will improve the feelings of the room.

Pleated Draperies

Do you have wood throughout the living room? Are your couches made of brown leather? These are important design aspects to think about to have the proper feng shui throughout the interior of your home.

Think of it like getting the custom-tailored dress that perfectly matches your shoes. When planning it out, your existing decor has to match your preferred choice of designer window fashions.

You want to have a seamless connection between your custom shades and furniture to achieve that full “designer look.” Think about what decor you currently have up in your home and where you want to add a professional style.


Emotions, Tone, & Mood In Your Rooms

Fabrics and materials need to complement each other to not only have a cohesive look but also give the rooms its desired emotions. Changing up your window coverings can completely alter the way a room feels.



Wood window blinds look amazing in the kitchen or dining room area and make you feel like you are in the countryside eating a fresh meal. We love the way wood blinds can add a finishing touch to any room.

Blackout motorized window treatments are a perfect for a movie theater room. Making it feel like you’re at the red carpet midnight premier viewing at the TLC Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Considering what emotions you want to feel in each room will make designing custom window fashions easy. Above all else, don’t forget to add some of your spunky personality into the designs.

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Sprinkle Personal Style Throughout

Now, of course, we want to impress our guests at the next dinner party, but let’s be honest, we want them to look amazing because we’re amazing. It’s the finishing touch that often gets ignored in home design – but you won’t!

Living Room Color Block Curtains


This is the dream home you’ve worked for and it’s time to let your inner designer out. Your home is going to look gorgeous and unique because of the vision you have. Use some of our designs on display at our drapery showroom in Los Angeles for inspiration. You can find the aspects you like, then give them your own personal twist.

Now that we’ve got you pumped up and ready to get crafty.

Let’s dive into the bits and pieces you need to makes these designs a reality.


What To Use For Designer Window Fashions?

With our vast portfolio of fabrics, materials, hardware, and accessories, the design world is your oyster.

It can be overwhelming with so many options, but don’t worry! By working with our team we’ll map out everything you need to create your personalized designer window fashions.

Intricate & Simple Fabrics

There are so many choices out there for fabrics and materials. With any style of window treatment, the possibilities are endless with many unique color and pattern combinations to choose from.

Hollywood Glam Stripped Curtains with Black Tie Backs


If you want a crisp, fresh, modern look then go with our deep blacks or clean white designs. Maybe you want to go traditional with floral curtains hanging from sophisticated wood rods. It is up to you!

Whatever patterns you want, you can select. You should even consider how much light you want in. You can have almost all light blocked out with blackout roman shades or energy efficient curtains.

Use light to brighten up the living room with sheers shades for a warm, inviting environment. Fabrics are just the start. Customized window designs go even farther.


Dazzling & Detailed Accessories

These little beauties are what truly make the difference when creating designer window fashions. The fine details can never be overlooked and we have thousands of decorative drapery hardware that make all the difference.

An intricate and elegant tie back adds the fine details in designer window fashions.


Accessories to think about include curtain rods, tiebacks, finials, and curtain rings. What material do you want your curtains to hang from? Do you want them to complement your fabrics?

Your earrings and necklace match your dress don’t they? Well, rods come in a range of stains, paints, colors, or textures based on your design. Tiebacks and finials give your curtains a grand look.

Accessories may be the last thing on your mind, but boy do they make or break the design. Think about how you are going to complete your designs and make them truly unique with these accessories and more.


Smooth & Clean Hardware

Now it’s time to think about the design functions of your custom window treatments. Did you know you can control your window treatments with your smartphone device from anywhere in the world?

Motorized Window Treatments for Home Automation

What about from a remote controller? Home Automation is here to stay and we’ve got the hardware to help you create a smarter and easier life at home. We love home automation with window coverings – ask us more!

Our curved drapery tracks allow us to dress your windows on a curved wall. While our ripple fold tracks support your design vision of having the pleated style. All of these functions and control options are supported by decorative drapery hardware and at Galaxy Draperies, we’ve got a variety of beautiful hardware available.

Have more questions? Want to share your ideas? Not sure if your vision is even possible?

View our photo gallery, give us a call or schedule an appointment to speak with an experienced window coverings designer. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Let’s Create Designer Window Fashions For Your Home!

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We’ve shown you what to consider and can’t wait to get creative with you. We want to help find the perfect fabrics and materials for your window treatments or motorized retractable awnings. Please contact us with any more questions.

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