Employee Spotlight: Daisy Guzman

Employee Spotlight: Daisy Guzman

Daisy Guzman
Daisy Guzman

We’d like to introduce Daisy Guzman, a long time employee with Galaxy Draperies, who has grown with us for sometime now.

Her devotion to clients and pride for Galaxy Draperies is why we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on her. Although Daisy has been an employee at Galaxy Draperies for 4 years, she has been a member of the family for much longer.

Follow along and hear the story of how we met Daisy Guzman, as a high school sophomore to her current position as production manager of soft window treatments at Galaxy Draperies.

Becoming a Member of the Family

Before working with Galaxy Draperies, the Baker family knew Daisy as the sister of one of their employees, Anabel. Together, they took care of our founder and grandmother, Muriel Baker.

The three of them would have a blast together, always shopping and going to the mall. We loved Daisy so much that when she was old enough to get a job, we reached out to her.

“I started with Galaxy Draperies and the Bakers before we became the big place we are now and I am so happy we’ve kept our family attitude throughout our growth,” said Daisy.

This caring, family attitude of Galaxy Draperies is what fueled Daisy’s desire to work for them in the first place. Now, Daisy is the Production Manager of Galaxy Draperies’ entire soft treatment operations and is loving every second of it.

Professional Responsibility from Start to Finish

As simply put as possible, Daisy manages everything in the soft treatments world of Galaxy Draperies. She oversees the installers, our in-house workroom, and all soft treatments orders.


Daisy says she loves making things happen. From working with the designers and ordering all of the fabric to overseeing the creation with the seamstresses and scheduling the installers, she handles everything from start to finish.

Her favorite part is taking custom window treatments in LA from conception to completion and managing every step of the process. Even if the fabrics the customer selects are backordered, Daisy enjoys letting the customer know and working with them to design other options.

Design Mantra: Customer Care

If you’ve ever ordered any soft treatments from us, they’ve gone through Daisy’s hands and we guarantee she remembers.

Daisy says, “I know exactly who customers are when they call, what they ordered, what events are going on in their life. I don’t want them to think they are talking to an operator. I want to show them we care.”

There have been situations where clients have called saying a curtain isn’t hanging correctly or that a pleat has been un-stitched. Without hesitation, Daisy will have someone come get the curtain or get herself.

Custom curtains framed around french doors overlooking the ocean in a bedroom.

By having our workroom in-house, we have the ability to make things right in a short amount of time. Daisy makes sure products are fixed within a matter of days in order to make sure her clients are happy with their designer window fashions.

“Other vendors would depend on another workroom to get things resolved. Whereas we have our own seamstresses who can easily fix a problem,” said Daisy.

Even after the installation, if something is right, Daisy has her clients send her a picture of the problem. She comes up with a quick solution, grabs her supplies, and personally will go out to fix the soft treatment.

Her devotion to her customers and desire to make Galaxy Draperies the best company it can be is what makes Daisy such a special employee for us at Galaxy Draperies.

Life Outside the Showroom

Although Daisy is a member of the Galaxy Draperies family full time at work, when she is outside the office she loves spending as much time as she can with her actual family.

One of her favorite things to do is to spend time with her mother. Every Saturday, she takes her mom out on the town for a delicious lunch and some much needed shopping. Daisy considers herself a big family girl and when she isn’t with her mother she is playing with her nephew.

Daisy Guzman Family

For a woman who constantly cares for others, Daisy’s boyfriend does do a great job of taking her out at some of her favorite Los Angeles restaurants.

When she’s not with the family or boyfriend, Daisy runs at various charities and awareness events. Doesn’t matter if it’s a 5k race or a 10k race, Daisy makes sure she runs for those who are less fortunate. Her most recent race was Pants Off Racing for Pancreatic Cancer.

It’s only been 4 years with Daisy as a full part of the Galaxy Draperies team, but it seems like she’s been a member of our growing family much longer. We’ve grown together and we can’t wait for the years to come.

Meet More of Our Family

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Daisy and came to love her just as much as we do.

Daisy has an immense passion for her design work and as an amazing member of our family, but she’s not the only one. We’ve shined the spotlight on a few family members we know you’d love.

Discover how one of best designers got into the custom window covering industry and how our baseball star turned into our Sales Manager.

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