Hollywood regency style

Hollywood regency style

Glam Hollywood Dining Room Black DraperiesDo you yearn to surround yourself with the classic glam of the past? To transform your home into the dressing room for a Hollywood starlet? To define your style with elements of luxury, individuality, and modernity?

Delve into the wondrous style of Hollywood Regency!

In this style series, we discuss 5 design elements of Hollywood Regency and how to incorporate them into your window treatments designs.

Adding Hollywood Regency Design Elements

We love the classic, luxurious style of Hollywood Regency interior design. Hollywood Regency Style offers the perfect mix of “old-school” glam and modern sophistication.

1. Black and White

hollywood-glam-decoratingBlack and White: the quintessential element of the “Golden Era of Film.” From on-screen to off-screen, the use of black and white has dominated the Hollywood scene.

Utilize black and white throughout your living space as bold accents, as the basis for your color scheme, or as bold juxtapositions in your interior design.

Choose bold, glam black and white drapes with delicate tiebacks to create a chic focal point within your living space.

Create continuity of custom Regency curtains and draperies with the aid of black and white by adding large black and white pieces of furniture.

2. Lacquer

Incorporate lacquered pieces of furniture to create strong elements of luxury. Bold black and white lacquered pieces create classic boldness and glamour.

The reflective quality of the lacquer gives the piece and room dimension, reflecting both natural and artificial light. The reflective nature of the lacquered pieces recalls the glamour of old Hollywood, helping to create an entertainment essence within your living space.


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3. Bold Patterns and Chinoiserie

01_r4_c1Bold intricate patterns and elements of Chinoiserie dominate Hollywood Regency Style.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate several patterns within your living space.

Each pattern is an opportunity to explore an aspect of your style and mix it with another! Tie together your various patterns with color continuity.

Invite bold accents of color throughout your room, pairing the bold color with a calmer color, creating balance.

Pair Chinoiserie designs and elements with bold colors and daring designs for an eclectic and luxurious space.

4. Luxury Materials

Fill your custom window treatments in Los Angeles with luxurious velvets, silks, satins, and fluffy sheepskins. Use your window treatments as an opportunity to incorporate velvets and silks with bold designs or deep rich colors to compliment your living space.

Choose light-colored, fluffy carpets to balance out your bold lacquered pieces. Utilizing luxury materials will help transform your living space into a chic destination, perfect for entertaining.

5. Minimalism Meets Excess

hollywood-glam-barHollywood Regency Style thrives on individuality and luxury. Fill your space with unique accents to create a space that reflects your personality.

The trick is to find the happy medium between minimalism and excess.

Use solid fabrics for your window blinds and shades to create bold focal points to frame your living space. Mirrors are common selections that create a striking focal point in any room—however, too many mirrors or multiple large mirrors can overpower the space. Try to stick to smaller statement pieces or hang one large mirror to accent a room, such as a glamorous, bevel-edged mirror over a more subdued piece of furniture.

It’s also a popular choice to add vintage furniture or choose neutral paint and flooring to offset the lavish features of this interior design style.

The bold, black treatments frame the large photograph of the actress, while also balancing out the glitz and glam of the showcase pieces throughout the room.

6. Gold Accents

Add pieces with gold accents, choose gold furniture, or opt for gold light fixtures and other accessories to instantly bring your interior design straight to Hollywood. Gold pieces add an air of luxury to your home. However, it’s best to balance the gold with more subdued, natural objects to keep your home from getting too glitzy. Keep this in mind as you pick out gorgeous gold pieces—you can place things like soft blankets or throw pillows near your gold pieces to create symmetry.

Want Hollywood Regency Style Window Treatments?

Look to Galaxy Draperies for all your Hollywood glam needs! We are a professional window coverings company in LA and often find that window fashions are overlooked—we’re here to help homeowners see how window treatments can transform their home’s interior design and accent their other furniture for a gorgeous, balanced aesthetic. Our team loves to design and install stylish, functional Regency window treatments that will help you achieve the aesthetic you desire.

If you are looking to make a fast change to your home, consider upgrading your window treatments. Galaxy Draperies can help create a Hollywood Regency-style aesthetic for your home. Reach out to us and we will schedule a consultation and find the perfect solution for all your needs, from Regency window treatments to glam curtains and more.


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